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English language or English skills tests are used to assess candidates for jobs where a good grasp of both written and spoken English is necessary.

These assessments can cover general language skills but can also be focused to a certain field, such as technical or medical roles where specific vocabulary is necessary.

When Are These Tests Used?

English aptitude tests are used during the job application process, among other tests, depending on the skills needed and the job itself.

These tests are used by various employers and educational institutions such as training and certification programmes. They are particularly important in service positions or when working with people directly, such as health care staff or bus drivers.

Candidates applying for roles in government also face an English aptitude test in their application process. They might also be used for entry level roles in big companies, or for admission to universities or other types of higher education.

What Is Included in English Language Tests?

These tests normally include various topics. There will be questions about:

Spelling Test

Most questions of this type are multiple choice questions, where you should recognise the correct spelling (or in some cases, incorrect spelling) of the word. Watch out for similar sounding or similarly spelt words.

Grammar Test

Grammar questions might include sentence completion and recognising the grammatically correct sentence (or the incorrect one). These questions can ask about parts of the sentence - articles, adjectives or adverbs for example, or about the correct tense to use or the correct punctuation.

Vocabulary Test

Vocabulary questions can also be sentence completion, or you might be asked to replace one word in the text by another, or questions might ask if a word is similar to another, or to recognise an opposite word.

Reading Comprehension Test

These types of questions usually include a short text and multiple choice questions you have to answer based on the information in the texts. The questions might ask you to infer something from the test, or remember and find a relatively small detail in the text. The number of questions per text can vary - usually between one to four questions.

In some cases, English skills tests might also include a speaking and listening part. Some tests might be adaptive, where the level of the next question is determined by the applicant’s level - answering a question correctly will mean the next question will be harder, and answering incorrectly will lead to an easier question. This type of test is usually not harder than the alternative, however it might seem harder as the questions should always be the hardest you can manage.

English Language Aptitude Test Sample

1) Which word does not go with the other four?

  • Mystify
  • Confuse
  • Puzzle
  • Understand
  • Baffle

2) Choose the words that best complete the sentence:

"People who hear that I'm vegan and _____ consume meat or animal products," Cynthia said, "Think that I eat boring and bland food. But, in fact, my menu is diverse and always _____.

  • always ... delicious
  • don't ... tasty
  • never ... dull
  • no longer ... disgusting
  • sometime ... tasteless 


Why Prepare for the English Language Test?

As with any test, familiarising yourself with the types of questions that are likely to appear will increase your confidence and help you complete the test, with fewer errors and better use of the time you are given.

Note that adaptive tests tend to be shorter than non-adaptive, as fewer questions are enough to determine the applicant’s level - so practice, if you know the test you’re about to sit is adaptive, is even more important.

English language tests can form part of a larger verbal reasoning test, which will vary in format and content according to the test provider that creates the test, for example, the Cubiks online assessment.  

Prepare with Our English Aptitude Practice Test

General preparation for these tests is very important. Try to adopt daily reading habits - for example, read a newspaper or a chapter from a book - to expand your vocabulary and your grasp on correct grammar. However, good grasp of the English language might not be enough.

For these tests, more focused practice is needed. Answering similar questions is a good way of working towards better performance on the actual test.

JobTestPrep’s English Skills pack includes hundreds of questions of various types, designed to help you prepare to English literacy tests in the most efficient way.

Our questions cover the range of topics and questions that you are likely to encounter, and they are all complete with detailed explanations, designed to help you better understand the answer and to expand your knowledge.

Answers to the sample questions:

1) understand

2) don't .. tasty

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