About EDF

The EDF energy assessment centre is a large event with between 40 to 80 people attending. You will be judged on many different activities and at the end of it the people with the highest marks will get through to the second day and potential job offer. As there are so many people attending the assessment centre, you have to make sure to stand out from the crowd to say to EDF that you are the best candidate. You can do this by ensuring that you are fully aware and prepared for all the different activities you will face.

Group Exercises

There are normally two group exercises in the EDF energy assessment centre and they usually begin the day after an EDF presentation about the company and what you will expect during the two days. If you do not perform well enough during the first day of assessments, you will be asked to leave after breakfast at the beginning of the second day. Therefore it is imperative to do well throughout the day on every exercise and assessment you face.

In the group exercise you are split into groups of between four and eight and are given a brief that relates to the job you have applied for. For example, you may be given the situation where a customer hadn’t been paying his bills for a significant period of time. You are given various other pertinent details relating to the case and as a group you have to decide on the best way to approach this subject. The main assessment of this exercise is how you integrate within the team as well as the other competencies of the company. You have to think and come up with explanations and suggestions that relate intrinsically with these key elements.

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Psychometric Tests

In the assessment centre you will be asked to re-sit the previous EDF online tests that you have already passed. Moreover, you will also be asked to take a number of other aptitude tests to see if you have what it takes. Most of these tests are handwritten and are more difficult than the ones you have already taken. Hence there is a great need for practise and understanding before you actually take them. On a secondary note, it’s a good idea to take your own calculator to the assessment centre as the one that EDF provides isn’t known to be of the best quality. It is worthwhile knowing how your own calculator works and how to use it as it will save you time when you come to take the EDF numerical test.

Numerical Test

This test is very similar to the one you have already passed with the difference being that this one is done by hand, on paper. Make sure you are fully aware of the different question types and how to answer them in the shortest possible time. If you haven’t already availed yourself to our great resources, make sure you do to give yourself the best chance of success. 

Logical Test

Many of you will have already taken this test as an EDF online test. Logical thinking tests require you to think in a slightly different way than you are used to but this pattern of thought can be learnt but with practice you will improve your skill level significantly which will not only increase your score but will also improve your confidence when taking them.

Verbal Reasoning Test

This test is usually only taken at the EDF energy assessment centre and is done on paper. On the actual test you are presented with a passage of information with many different facts in it. After a careful analysis of the information you then answer a number of multiple choice questions on the passage. They are normally in a true/false/cannot say style where you have to evaluate different statements relating to the text and decide if it is true, false or impossible to tell from the content provided. These tests are difficult for a variety of reasons as, apart from the actual time difficulties you face whilst taking them, you have to think along the same lines as the passage. What this means is that even if you know a certain statement is definitely right or wrong, if this cannot be determined through the passage the answer is in fact, cannot say. Learn more about verbal reasoning tests on our dedicated page.

E-Tray Exercise

In this test you will be given a number of emails that you have to sift through and answer them in terms of importance. There are too many emails to deal with in the given time so you must show your ability to see what is important and what isn’t. As well as this, you may be asked to write a report based on some of the emails’ information. Dealing with e-tray exercises is difficult and often confusing as you have to remember the different “characters” in the e-tray story. Whilst doing this, you need to make reasoned and well thought out decisions in response to the tasks you are set. Learn more about e-tray and in-tray exercises with our dedicated page on the subject.


At the beginning of the second day, you will be told who is going to stay for the interview and who is going home. If you have got through to this stage, be prepared for a long day of waiting around if you are not going to have your interview soon. There are a lot of candidates and each one has to have a technical-based interview. In this interview you are asked questions about your last year in University and the projects you undertook. The questions increase in difficulty until you either answer them all or you say that you don’t know the answer. Check out the JobTestPrep interview preparation pack which gives you valuable tips and advice to help you perform to your highest level in this interview. 

Prepare for Success

EDF Energy is one of the largest energy suppliers around and was the energy supplier for the London 2012 Olympics. It has a very desirable graduate scheme and there are many applicants for every single place. We have gone through the application process that you can expect if you apply to an EDF energy graduate scheme as well as other positions. We hope you have enjoyed this page and look forward to helping you in your job application, good luck.

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