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The Civil Nuclear Constabulary, or CNC, look for only the strongest candidates to fill their roles. Therefore, as a candidate you can expect a challenging recruitment process. Learn about the assessments you can expect and prepare with our resources.
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The CNC are the police force who guard the civil nuclear industry. CNC officers are highly trained Police Officers, so they take their time in the recruitment process to ensure that they get the right people. The recruitment process follows the College of Policing’s recruitment process, including the SEARCH assessment centre.

Civil Nuclear Constabulary Recruitment Process

The CNC recruitment process contains several checks. As well as the application form and SEARCH assessment centre, you will also be subject to several security and fitness assessments. This process can take some time to complete.

CNC Application Form

The CNC application form is your first step towards a position with the Civil Nuclear Constabulary. Before you start completing your application form, you need to answer several eligibility questions to ascertain that you meet their criteria. The application form asks you more about yourself and your qualifications and history.

The application form also contains four competency questions. The decision to take your application forward rests on your answers to these questions, so take your time to prepare your answers. Plan what you want to write, use the STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to ensure that you include all relevant information, and write out the whole answer on a separate piece of paper. You may even consider having someone else read your answers.

SEARCH Assessment Centre

If you application form is approved by the assessment team, you are next invited to the SEARCH assessment centre at the College of Policing. At the assessment centre you will experience a range of exercises designed to examine your cognitive abilities and skills for doing the job. Read more about each of these exercises on our dedicated SEARCH assessment centre page, but below we have summarised the main points of each exercise.

  • Competency based structured interview - in this interview you are asked four questions and given five minutes to answer each one. Each question will ask you about a different competency and skill, and you need to provide examples of how you have demonstrated that skill in the past.
  • Numerical reasoning test - you are assessed on how you understand and use information provided in numerical formats. You have 23 minutes to answer 21 questions in this test, and you have to perform a range of calculations to pick the correct answer from a set of options. Prepare for this test with our dedicated Police numerical ability test practice pack.
  • Verbal logical reasoning test - in this test you are given a written report of a situation and asked to pull out the relevant information from the text. This test looks at how well you understand written instructions. Read more about this test and how to prepare for it on the Police assessment centre page.
  • Two written exercises - you are asked to complete two short written reports, and given 20 minutes to complete each one. Learn more about what is required of you on the SEARCH page.
  • Four interactive exercises - this assessment involves four short role plays, each lasting five minutes. The role plays are each based on a new scenario and are designed to draw out some of the skills you may need as a Police Officer. Get more information about these tests.

In Summary

If you are successful at the CNC assessment centre, the final stages of recruitment involve fitness tests and checks and security checks to ensure you are eligible for the role.

This article has set out the cognitive and competency sections of the recruitment process, including the CNC application form, and the Civil Nuclear Constabulary ability tests, role plays and interview. Competition is high at these stages, and is against other candidates, so preparing for each assessment is the way to go. Prepare for each stage with the resources set out in this article.

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