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The Capgemini Hiring Process 

The Capgemini online application is quite difficult. You are asked to provide your basic personal details and complete 5-6 short essay questions about yourself and why you have chosen to apply. You are will be given a word limit for each of these questions so you need to make sure your answers are clear and concise.

Some questions include:

  • Why are you a good fit?
  • What personal achievements are you most proud of?
  • What are your interests outside of work or study? Why are they important to you?
  • What makes you stand out from the crowd?

After these questions, you are given the opportunity to attach a CV. The application does not include a formal way to attach a cover letter, however, before submitting your application there is a box to include any additional information you wish to tell the assessors. Take advantage of this box by including a well-worded cover letter.

Capgemini Online Tests

If your application is successful, you will be asked to complete 2-3 Capgemini psychometric tests, depending on the position you are applying for.

The Capgemini Situational Strength Test

No matter what position you are applying for, you will be asked to take the Capgemini Situational Strength Test, or situational judgement test (SJT). This test contains scenarios you might encounter whilst working for them and asks how you would respond. This type of test can be difficult because the right answer is often not obvious. You must use your best judgement when answering. After the test, you will receive feedback, highlighting your top 3 strengths and how you can develop them. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with this type of test by practising situational judgement tests.

Capgemini Verbal Reasoning Test

The Capgemini verbal reasoning test is provided by CEB’s SHL and aims to determine how well you process information from a written text. You are given a work-related text to read and must answer questions based on that information. The test has 30 questions to be answered in 19 minutes meaning that this test is assessing your ability to work under pressure as well. The answers can either be true, false or cannot say. Familiarise yourself with verbal reasoning tests beforehand and become an expert.

Capgemini Logical Reasoning Test

One of the Capgemini tests is the logical reasoning test is also provided by CEB’s SHL. This test assesses your non-verbal logical or cognitive abilities. You are given a series of shapes in which you must recognize a pattern and choose from the answers which shape matches the pattern best. You are given 25 minutes to answer 24 questions so time is of the element. This test can be tricky, especially if you've never come across it before.

Capgemini Interviews Process

Provided that you have performed well on the Capgemini application and online tests, you will be invited to either a phone or video interview based on the scheme you have applied for.

Capgemini Telephone Interviews

Candidates for the technical consulting community have their interviews over the phone. You are sent various time slots and should pick a time when you will be available and able to concentrate. This interview can last for 30-60 minutes and consists of 9-10 questions. The Capgemini phone interview questions help you elaborate on your relevance for the position, as the phone interview is usually the initial stage of the process.

Capgemini Video Interviews

Management consulting graduates complete a video interview. You are asked to record the video on a webcam. As the interview is not live, the time when you conduct the interview is flexible, just ensure you submit the video before the deadline. The Capgemini video interview questions contain behavioural and technical questions to help recruiters decide if you are able to handle the responsibilities of the position.

Capgemini Interview Questions and Answers

For both interviews, the company assess your communication skills. When answering the questions, make sure to identify your strengths and what you know about the company. You may be asked questions such as:

  • Do you know what Capgemini’s seven core values are?
  • Who has the firm got alliances with?
  • What opportunities and threats is it currently facing?

Practising answers for these types of questions is important. A good tool for answering is the STAR Method, which helps you build full and structured answers.

In addition, you will be asked about your qualifications and to explain each line of your CV. It’s a good idea to have it in front of you as well as some notes about it so you can answer the questions clearly and confidently. Practice your interview skills with our interview preparation.


Prepare for the Capgemini Online Tests

The company offers one of the world’s leading consulting, technology and outsourcing services. With a variety of career paths to choose from, it is a great place to make your mark. With correct preparation, expanding your knowledge about the company as well as practising the different aptitude tests you will be able to exceed your expectations thus improving your chances of getting that job. Stand out in the Capgemini recruitment process.


Capgemini Assessment Centre

You will be invited to a half-day Capgemini assessment centre at one of their offices. This is the last stage of the Capgemini hiring process and where all of your skills are analysed at once. There are various different tests and assessments and we will detail them below:

Group Exercise

In this exercise, you are put in a room with about 6 other people and given a large amount of information to read through and analyse. You are given 15 minutes for this task. Following this, you are instructed to have a group discussion for about half an hour working out the best options available as well as how you would go about implementing your conclusions. In this stage of events you have to ensure that you are very clear in your ideas, know how to present them to an audience as well as being results oriented. Try to get the other applicants to agree with your conclusions as this shows competency.

Written Aptitude Tests

During the Capgemini assessment day, you may be asked to sit written aptitude tests similar to the online aptitude tests you previously took. In some cases, as with managerial consulting roles, test is simply done in order to verify the results of the online tests. For more technical roles, you may be asked to sit tests in addition to the online aptitude tests. For these tests, however, you are given less time to complete than in the previous tests.

Capgemini Case Study

Depending on the role you have applied for, there are two different types of case studies you will be asked to perform.

Prepared Case Study - Technology consulting and apprenticeship candidates must come to the assessment day with a pre-prepared case study. You will have received the case study 5 days before the assessment day which is ample time to prepare yourself. Make sure to bring your notes, slides or whatever materials you have used to prepared with you. The assessors may ask to see your materials. This specific exercise aims to assess your presentational skills as well as your analytical and interpersonal skills. Keep these in mind when planning out your presentation.

“On-the-Spot” Case Study - Manager consulting candidates are asked to prepare a case study that you receive on the assessment day. You have 30 minutes to read and prepare a short presentation which is then given during the interview. The assessor knows that you only have a short amount of preparation time and are looking to see how quickly you can work along with your analytical and communication skills.

In both cases, you really have to research the material from all angles and present the case as if you are already working for them already. Your assessor knows when you received this information and how much time you’ll have spent on it. Make sure not to disappoint. Moreover, in a case study, there are no right or wrong answers. Assessors are looking for good reasoning skills and innovative ideas. As long as you present your case clearly and confidently, the assessor doesn't have to agree with you, he just has to hear your line of reasoning and if he is convinced, you’ll have passed.

Take your opportunity to practice a real case study ahead of your assessment day with our online pack.

Your case study presentation is delivered to a partner and the assessment will last 15-20 minutes long. The partner interview will follow on immediately after your presentation.

Capgemini Interview

Your case study moves directly into your interview. Interviewers tend to be managers from the department you will potentially be working for. You are asked similar strength-based questions to those previously asked in either the video or phone interview. You can be asked questions about your CV, future career motivation, your teamwork and leadership skills alongside competency questions. If you have gotten this far into the process, you are probably familiar with these questions but as this is your first one-to-one meeting with an assessor, you need to make sure to make a good impression. Live interviews can be intimidating and to help you prepare, have a look at our interview preparation package. This exercise is more of a dialogue than the previous interviews so expect a relaxed environment.

In addition to the activities, there are ample opportunities to meet and speak with the managers present at the assessment day. Take advantage of this opportunity to engage them in conversation and show off your knowledge of the company and the industry.

Capgemini Careers

With many high profile clients, this company is one of the biggest IT consultancy firms around. Across the different positions offered, the company takes in about 160 new graduates every year. However, there is serious competition for these spots and over 80% of applicants do not even get to complete the application process.

There are two major streams of the company scheme: Management consulting (part of the CDC department) and the technology consulting community (part of the BTC department). In addition, there is the Capgemini Higher Apprenticeship. We will outline the application process for these positions below and show you where we can help you succeed in the various stages to give you the best chance of making it through.


Capgemini Subsidiaries
Sogeti IGATE Prosodie IBX
Fahrenheit 212 Euriware Open Cascade TCube Solutions, Inc.
sd&m CPM Braxis S.A. Programator AB Skvader Systems AB
Sogeti France S.A.S. HOCHTIEF Software GmbH Unigrid AB IACP Informatique S.A.S.
Vengroff, Williams & Associates, Inc. SSS Holdings Corporation Limited Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Schweiz AG. Capgemini Outsourcing BV
Avantias SAS Sogeti Services


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