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If you are applying for director positions get the Talent-q-style tests 
If you are applying for business development, analyst, and consultancy roles get the SHL-style tests
If you are applying for the engineering positions get the technical tests

About BT

BT employ over 73,000 people in the UK in a wide range of telecommunications based professions. Entry routes such as BT internships, BT graduates and apprenticeships (BT4me) are offered in two main areas: business and technology. In addition, BT recruit engineers directly to BT Openreach. BT recruitment processes vary across entry routes, although the BT business review exercise is a common feature to all. Read more to find out about the BT assessments you may come across.

BT Application Form

After creating your profile, you need to complete the rest of the application form. If you are applying to one of the British Telecom graduate schemes, this is a fairly long process. Apart from the requirement to fill in all your educational details, you need to upload your CV. When crafting your CV, it is important to try to fit it in with the key values of the company. These are:

  • Communication: You need to be able to deal with your colleagues in a productive way.
  • Creativity: Showing your skills to help create new products.
  • Enthusiasm: Showing you are eager to help.
  • Integrity: Demonstrating honesty and ensuring you deliver on time.
  • Leadership: Leading teams and supporting key decisions.
  • Multitasking: Coordinating and prioritising to manage various aspects of work.
  • Team Spirit: The ability to work with everyone.

As well as the CV upload, there are some competency questions that you need to answer in order to progress to the next stage of the recruitment process. You are given a 300-word limit to answer each of these questions and you have to try to incorporate the key values into your answers. The questions include the following:

  • Provide an example, in which you worked with others to achieve an improvement, efficiency or a better way of working?
  • Describe a time when you turned a negative customer experience into a positive one. What was the outcome?
  • Provide an example of when you worked with others to overcome a difficult challenge?
  • Why have you chosen to apply for BT?

As well as these questions, you are also given the opportunity to let BT know of anything that could help your application. This is an open-ended question with an opportunity to help you stand out from the crowd. 

BT Online Tests

The stream that you are applying for determines which set of psychometric tests you will take. The following are the most popular tests:

BT Numerical Reasoning Test

On this test, you are presented with numerical data in the form of tables and graphs. Using percentages, ratios and other numerical skills, you must answer the multiple-choice questions to find the correct answer.

BT Technical Test

The technical aptitude test is a combination of questions that assess your mechanical, spatial and diagrammatic reasoning skills. Mechanical reasoning tests assess your ability to understand the basic concepts of Newtonian mechanics and electricity, similar to concepts covered at GSCE level physics. You have to determine the actions and reactions of gears, levers and pulleys—among other items—in order to work out the correct conclusion.

Spatial reasoning questions present you with a number of different items in either 2D or 3D; you must imagine these items as either folded or unfolded. For example, you may be presented with a cube with various parts shaded a certain way. You have to envisage this cube as if it were unfolded and select the answer that matches.

On the diagrammatic test, you are presented with a selection of matrices that have a particular logical pattern running through them. You must identify the pattern and use it to deduce the next matrix in the series.


Preparation is the key ingredient to producing your best performance on the day - and this page has set out just what you need to do before your assessments at BT. Purchase this PrepPack™ now and gain access to a rich variety of practice tests, guides, video tutorials and other helpful tools.


BT Telephone or Video Interview

If you come through the BT psychometric tests successfully, you will be invited to participate in a BT telephone interview. There are in fact two different interviews that you can face at this stage, depending on the relevant role: a telephone interview or a similar interview via Skype, generally for those applying to a technical graduate scheme. The BT telephone interview is short and, generally, not the most serious interview. The first five minutes of the interview are dedicated to putting you at ease, thus enabling you to answer the questions in the best possible manner. As well as this, the last five minutes of the interview are given to you to ask any questions about BT. This leaves you a reality of only 20 minutes for the actual interview.

This interview is aimed at finding out if you have a genuine interest in the company with questions being both motivation and skills based.

Some BT telephone and Skype-based interview questions include:

  • What skills do you have that make you suitable for this role?
  • Are you good at multitasking?
  • Tell me about a time you motivated yourself to do something that you wanted.
  • What do you know about BT?
  • Tell me about a time you improved a process.

There are also a number of questions concerning the BT graduate scheme you have entered. For example, if you have applied for a role in the technology scheme you may be asked: What is the software development cycle?

To fully prepare for the interview ensure you have done your research on the company, what it does, how it does it as well as the latest news headlines involving BT. Moreover, ensure you are fully cognisant of every facet of your application form, what you wrote and how you wrote it.

Assessment Centre

Employees are expected to display the BT values and to be able to uphold the quality of service that BT is known for. As a result, the BT assessment centre is designed to help them hire the best and most suitable people.

If you have been successful at the earlier stages, the final stage is the BT assessment centre - a whole day event with other 10 to 12 candidates and current graduates. You are assessed throughout against the BT values and your skills, not what the other candidates are doing. The best way to make a good impression is to ensure that you are fully prepared for each new challenge.


Ahead of the assessment centre, you will be sent a topic and asked to prepare a 10-minute presentation. You should also be prepared for an additional five minutes of questions and answers. Presentation topics are usually related to the area to which you have applied and may include: technical trends and how they benefit BT, changes you expect over the next five years and what BT’s competitors are doing. The interviewers are looking for delivery and content. Therefore, make sure you research your topic well enough to sound as though you know what you are talking about. In addition, rehearse giving your presentation multiple times, in order to be as confident as possible.

Group Exercise

In this exercise, all of you are split into groups. Each person in the group is given an individual brief about a different service or idea that BT is considering. You have 10 minutes to read the brief and become familiar with it. As a group, you will discuss each idea and after 40 minutes come to a collective agreement about which service you would invest in. You are watched throughout by a team of assessors who are evaluating your teamwork and leadership skills. You are judged on how well you worked with the team, stuck by your role and the quality of your contribution towards coming to a group conclusion.

BT Case Study

Here, you are given a case study briefing document on a current BT project and asked to write a SWOT analysis based on what you have read. You are given limited time to carry out this exercise and would have a follow on a session with an assessor to discuss your findings. so time management is key in this exercise. Simply present a list of organised bullet points that are clear and easy to read and follow your argument (not an essay).

BT Interview

This interview is similar in style to the Skype interview you have had earlier in the process. Questions focus on your CV, skills and why you have chosen to work with BT. They will also want to know what you know about BT; also, expect some technical questions assessing your knowledge relevant to the job you want.

Ahead of the assessment day, read up on the BT values and think of examples in the past when you have demonstrated these skills. Sketch out answers to questions using these examples and use the STAR method to organise yourself. Look at the job description for any technical skills that you need to display in the interview.

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