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What You'll Get

  • 2 full-length Saville-style Swift Comprehension practice tests
  • 3 full-length Saville -style Swift Analysis practice tests
  • 3 full-length Saville -style Swift Diagrammatic Reasoning practice tests
  • 5 additional Swift Comprehension drills
  • 6 additional Swift Analysis drills
  • 5 Saville-style error checking practice tests
  • 3 full-length Saville-style abstract reasoning test
  • 1 extra Saville-style abstract reasoning test
  • 6 additional Swift Diagrammatic Reasoning drills
  • 21 video tutorials and study guides
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions


This PrepPack™ has a variety of different tests in order to give you an all-inclusive feel and understanding of the various Saville tests. You will find Swift-style comprehension practice tests as well as analysis, and diagrammatic tests. There are also 21 video tutorials and study guides to help you along the way. 

For more information about the different Saville tests see our main page.

JobTestPrep is not a part of the Saville Consulting and is not related to it in any way. JobTestPrep offers preparation services for psychometric tests.



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