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This PrepPack™ combines Talent Q Elements-style verbal, critical thinking and numerical tests, as well as assessment centre exercises , interview preparation, tutorials and guides.

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AstraZeneca Interview Stage

AstraZeneca will begin their hiring process with a short phone conversation, where you will be asked about your basic skill set. In the event the screener is satisfied, you will then be invited to take pre-hiring tests, where you will prove that you have the skills you claimed in your CV and during the screening call. Upon successful completion of the AstraZeneca pre-hiring test, you will be invited to several rounds of sit-down interviews, starting with HR and ending with the hiring manager.

AstraZeneca Assessment Centre Preparation

Assessment centres offer a more precise means of evaluating prospective employees than tests and interviews. Tasks that job candidates are required to perform during their assessment day include a short presentation, participating in group discussions and in-tray exercises, acting out different scenarios and role-playing. Employers believe that only through so many activities can an applicant’s personality and professionalism shine through. Key personality traits that are measured during the event are adaptability, analytical thinking, creativity, leadership and time management, among others. While job candidates are involved in these activities, they are being scrutinized by assessors who give them points summed up by the end of the assessment day. Only those candidates who receive the highest scores are invited for the final interview, where they may be given a job offer.

How is the SJT Scored?

Some graders base scores on a sliding scale, while other grade each test individually. When taking the test, you will be presented with either singular remedies to office conflicts, or rank various possible solutions from the most to least effective outcome. At the end of the day, however, there is no right answer in the technical sense of the term; your tester will be responsible to judge the effectiveness of your solutions.

Why Do Companies Ask Applicants to Take the Numerical Reasoning Test?

Many companies ask their job candidates to take the Numerical Reasoning Test as a part of their hiring process, because they want to evaluate how well their prospective employees understand and analyze numerical data. Most of the positions require working with numbers; employers, therefore, make an effort to ascertain that job applicants can perform at least basic numerical operations such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. The Numerical Reasoning Test is a reliable evaluation of applicants’ numerical skills and utilized by many companies. If you want to succeed in your pre-employment assessment, practise with the numerical tests designed to increase your chances of becoming employed.

What Is the STAR format?

The STAR format is a method to answer interview questions. When you are asked situational questions on your interview, it is better to answer them according to the STAR format, because this behavioural technique makes your answer more coherent and comprehensive. Employers like to use the STAR format on interviews due to its higher degree of predictability of applicants’ future performance at work. The acronym STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result. To follow the STAR format in your answers means the following:

  • Situation: You need to tell about a challenging situation that you had to resolve in your former workplace.
  • Task: Tell your recruiters what you tried to achieve in that situation, what tasks you assigned to yourself or your team. When elaborating on this, emphasize what motivations you had to fulfil the assigned tasks.
  • Actions: Describe in detail what actions you performed to carry out the tasks. Explain to your recruiters why you decided to undertake these actions and what were the alternatives that you discarded.
  • Results: Here you need to elaborate on the results you achieved and whether you managed to resolve the problem you initially faced.

If you follow the STAR technique while answering the interviewers’ situational questions, you will sound more organized, persuasive and clever.

Are the AstraZeneca Talent Q Important?

AstraZeneca utilize Talent Q tests in order to better ascertain where you are standing professionally and what skill-sets and abilities you have to contribute to the company. Make sure you are ready only with this product.

Will the AstraZeneca Grade My Talent Q Test Results

The Talent Q Tests are certainly graded and computed as an important part of your overall interview “score”. The AstraZeneca is certainly interested to understand your true abilities and how you might fit in with the company at large.

How Should I Conduct Myself During the Assessment Day?

Competition is keen among job candidates. Behaving impressively while being assessed is the key to success. The main point is to be assertive during all activities. If you make a mistake, do not get upset or concentrate on the negative side of your performance. Try to improve your performance during the next exercise, because your final evaluation is the summation of points given to you for each activity. Therefore, if you underperform during one task, you may compensate for this by behaving more assertively during another. It is also important not to overshadow other candidates completely. When you are having a group exercise, draw your peers into the discussion. Be polite and considering to other candidates even during breaks, because you will be observed even while conversing informally with others. Do not be nervous. Only when you are relaxed and confident will your talents shine through.



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