Aptitude Tests for Engineering

Boost your assessment centre score with JobTestPrep's aptitude practice tests.

Engineering Aptitude Tests Practice
  • 51 Numerical reasoning and numerical practice tests
  • 46 Diagrammatic, Inductive and Abstract reasoning tests for IT/engineering
  • 9 Fault finding and syntax checking and comprehension tests
  • 16 Verbal reasoning tests
  • 12 deductive reasoning tests
  • Watson Glaser-style tests + section-specific practice
  • 11 Mechanical reasoning tests
  • 12 Spatial reasoning tests
  • In tray and group exercises
  • Study guides and video tutorials!
  • Secured payment
  • Immediate online access, practice 24/7
  • Thousands of practice questions in total!

Why This Pack Is Essential for Your Success

The package includes standard tests such as numerical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests and abstract reasoning tests. It also includes tests that are more specialized for engineering positions such as spatial, diagrammatic, mechanical and fault-finding/checking tests which engineers and IT specialists would find useful.

The purpose behind the diagrammatic and mechanical reasoning tests is to assess the ability to infer rules to flow charts and diagrams and then apply these rules to new situations or examples.  These tests are designed to measure logical analysis and the ability to follow complex instructions, often in a systematic manner.  This skill is useful for system design and debugging.

Engineers are often highly skilled and often highly specialised. For employers, it is often difficult to differentiate between many candidates who are all very similar in experience/expertise. The only real way that an employer can filter out the top candidates is by having the candidates perform various specialised psychometric tests. JobTestPrep has the ideal package to help with your preparations. Read more about the JobTestPrep advantage.

It is important to allow plenty of time to practice these tests before your assessment.