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Prepare for the Achmea Hiring Process

Founded in 1811, Achmea is a leading insurance group and is the largest insurance provider in the Netherlands. They position themselves internationally as an innovative player in selected markets. Achmea employs around 12,000 staff in the Netherlands and 2,500 employees in other locations in Europe. Achmea gives candidates many job opportunities, working with educated colleagues.

The step-by-step recruitment process is below:

Application: When going through the Achmea application process candidates can apply online, with a staffing agency, or through a recruiter. They will be asked to provide a CV as well with their application.

Telephone Interview: An HR representative may conduct a brief phone interview with candidates for the following stage. This process occurs in order to see whether they are the right fit for the career.

In-Person Interview: The next phase necessitates that applicants come in for in-person interviews. These interviews can be held as group or one-on-one sessions and can be with a hiring manager, department head, or a panel.

Assessment Centre Interview: Additionally, candidates may be asked to come in for one or two days for the Achmea assessment centre day, which entails group discussions and exercises.

Tests: The psychometric test process may be part of the Achmea recruitment approach. These exams help employers measure candidates’ cognitive aptitude, skills, and knowledge in specific fields.

The Achmea Aptitude Test Process

During the psychometric test process, candidates will most likely be asked to take either online or printed tests. One’s cognitive abilities and knowledge tests their numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning skills. Their scores offer an up-close assessment of their algebraic understanding, use of printed passages, and decision-making skills. Additionally, the Excel tests can also be given to evaluate how efficient one is with their office aptitude.

The situational judgement (SJT) and personality assessments accentuate one’s behavioural and character traits. How one solved their past challenges is believed to show their overall behaviour and potential future actions. This technique helps identify which of the candidates fulfill the job’s requirements. Practising in advance helps one feel prepared for these pre-employment exams.

Start Practising for the Achmea Test Process with JobTestPrep.

Achmea Interview Questions

When you are preparing for upcoming Achmea interview questions, your aim is to feel ready to answer these questions. Interviews may be competency-based, which evaluates interviewees based on their responses regarding their past work practices. The STAR method is a suggested way of answering Achema interview questions. Candidates can first address the situation, task, action taken, and the end result.

Examples of interview questions are:

  • Why Achmea?
  • Describe a time when you dealt with a difficult person.
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • Why do you want this position?


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