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Prepare yourself with JobTestPrep's aptitude tests practice packages. Gain access to the web's largest collection of aptitude test types, including numerical, verbalnon-verbal, deductive, mechanical reasoning and more! Learn how to increase your chances of passing the tests successfully.
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Senior MGMT Tests
£116 now £69
Graduate/MGMT Tests
£87 now £59
General Staff Tests
£87 now £59

JobTestPrep's Aptitude Test Preparation

JobTestPrep holds the most comprehensive inventory of online aptitude practice tests, covering all test types with plenty of exercises, explanations, solving tips and score reports. In the following pages we will provide you with all the information you need about aptitude tests that are used in selection processes and assessment centres.  

Here you can find detailed content drill downs and free practice resources for the most popular aptitude tests available: 

Verbal reasoning: verbal reasoning test is an aptitude test that measures the ability to comprehend complex written materials and deduct relevant information and conclusions. Verbal Reasoning tests also include spelling, grammar, logic, and vocabulary tests. Different aptitude tests are administered to candidates in different professions. 

Numerical reasoning: numerical reasoning test includes a wide range of aptitude tests varying from "basic arithmetic tests" through "estimation tests" that measure speed in making educated mathematical estimations to "advanced numerical reasoning tests" that measure ability to interpret complex data presented in various graphic forms and to deduce information and conclusions.

Abstract / Inductive / Diagrammatic / Logical Reasoning: These aptitude tests measure logical reasoning and perceptual reasoning skills. They do not rely on acquired linguistic or numeric abilities but on innate abilities, and are often called non verbal reasoning tests.

Other popular testsDeductive reasoningWatson-Glaser   

Sector-specific aptitude tests: Certain sectors and positions require an aptitude test that measures specific skills, and there are many such niche aptitude tests, all of which can be practiced here: 

  1. Engineering / Technical / IT / armed forces sectors can encounter mechanical reasoning testsfault finding aptitude tests and IT diagrammatic reasoning tests.
  2. Clerical - Accuracy, speed and checking tests.
  3. Financial - Financial reasoning.
  4. Design, armed forces - Spatial reasoning tests

JobTestPrep's online aptitude testing system

JobTestPrep's smart online practice system has two working modes - Step by Step and Real Test Simulation Mode.

Step by step mode – This is a training mode in which you receive feedback and an explanation after completing each question. This mode is especially useful for a preliminary exposure or for practicing an aptitude test that you find difficult.

Real Test Simulation mode – This mode allows you to take a timed aptitude test as you'd do at the assessment centre. Following the aptitude test you will receive feedback and a report of your results. 

Normalised score reports – Our smart score reports are normalised, which gives you a clue as to how you perform in relation to the population of test takers.  

Aptitude test practice

Aptitude tests are a serious obstacle on the way to acquire a new job. JobTestPrep's goal is to offer its customers with important tools to overcome these difficulties:
  • Introduction to and knowledge of relevant aptitude tests used by employers
  • Intensive training using an online aptitude test simulation system
  • Constructive feedback and tips on how to improve your aptitude test score on your next test

These three elements will significantly improve your chance of qualifying to the job you are applying for.

It is crucial to practice aptitude tests! Merely the pre-exposure to aptitude test examples substantially reduces anxiety and concerns. After practicing JobTestPrep's online aptitude tests you will know exactly what to expect on test day. We know which psychometric tests and aptitude tests recruiters and assessment centres use, and thus with our practice you'll find the real tests much easier.

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