Korn Ferry Assessment Test Practice [2022]
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What is a Korn Ferry Assessment?

The “Korn Ferry Assessment” is a term relevant to a spectrum of personality and cognitive ability tests. Korn Ferry cognitive ability tests, also known as Talent-Q tests, include mostly numerical, logical and verbal questions. The Korn Ferry Personality tests include Leadership Potential Assessments (KFALP, KF4D) and the Dimensions personality test.

Korn Ferry is one of the biggest assessment companies. However, there are many other assessment companies including SHLWatson Glaser, cut-e, Thomas, Cubiks, Pymetrics, Saville, aon, Matrigma, McQuiag, and many more.

Let's dive into the different types of Korn Ferry Assessment Tests: 

Korn Ferry Cognitive Ability Tests

Korn Ferry Cognitive Ability Tests measure mostly mathematical, abstract, and verbal reasoning skills. These are usually given as a group of tests- either the Talent Q Elements Assessment (numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning tests), or the Talent Q Aspects Assessment (numerical, logical, and checking ability tests) which is used for entry-level roles.

Korn Ferry Numerical Sample Questions

Try solving the following Korn ferry numerical questions. We recommend using a calculator, pen, and paper (as in the actual test):

Employees per sector in the UK

korn ferry numerical test practice


elements numerical test korn ferry answers

Assume the tax rate applies to the entire salary.

1. In which sector did the number of employees increase the most from year 1 to year 2?

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Since the employment figures in the table are given in percentages, you must translate them into values in order to answer this question.
Please note that the annual number of employees differs from year to year.


2. What was the total sum of tax paid by a person working in agriculture in year 1, a person working in marketing in year 2, and a self-employed person in year 3 based on the median salary (to the nearest £)?

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Sample explanation for the self-employed:

The median salary in the 2nd year equals: 1st year salary * (100%-6%) = 1st year salary * 94% = 12,000 * 0.94 = 11,280

The median salary in the 3rd year equals: 2nd year salary * (100%+3%) = 2nd year salary * 103% = 11,280 * 1.03 = 11,618.4

The tax paid by the self employed in the 3rd year equals: 3rd year salary * 10% = 11,618.4 * 10% (since the salary is between 0 and 15,000) = 1,161.84

Applying the same process for each employee, we get a sum of  £15,766.




3. In year 3, what was the ratio of the median salary of the agriculture sector to the median salary of the self-employed sector (approximately)?

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Median salary in year 1 (agriculture): £21,000.
The median salary in year 3= £21,000 x 1.05 x 1.05 = £23,152.50. Between years 1 and 3, there were two 5% increases in the median salary. 

Median salary in year 1 (self-employed): £12,000.
The median salary in year 3= £12,000 x 0.94 x 1.03 = £11,618.40. 
Between years 1 and 3, there was a decrease of 6% in the median salary and then a 3% increase. 

So, the ratio of the median salary of the agriculture sector to the median salary of the self-employed sector in year 3 is:
23,152.5: 11,618.4 = ~2.00: 1.


  • There is no need to take the percentage change of year 1 into consideration since it is already given in the table. In addition, you cannot calculate the answer with percentage change because the median salary of the year previous to year 1 is not given.
  • The question states that tax rates already apply to the salaries, therefore you do not need to apply tax rates to your calculations.

*The above questions were taken from our all-inclusive Korn Ferry preparation pack

Note: You might be asked to take either the talent-q elements numerical test or the talent-q aspects numerical test, depending on your job level. The talent-q aspects test is for entry-level roles; thus, it is slightly easier than the elements.  

This is a difficult test, since not only do questions require figuring out which part of the table/graph is necessary to get the answer, but you also need to perform a series of calculations in the very short time you have left. To get timed practice and shapen your ability to answer on time get the full preparation pack.  

Korn Ferry Logical Sample Questions 

Please identify the answer that completes the logical sequence matrix:

korn ferry logical


korn ferry logical test answers


View Answer:

This is the correct answer:

In each row the right cell consists of a duplication of the right symbol from the middle cell and an addition of a new symbol between the two duplicate symbols.

The complete logic:
In each row, the symbols in the middle cell are a combination of the symbols from the left and right (i.e. outer) cells so that:

  • The left symbol in the middle cell is identical to the outer symbols in the left cell.
  • The right symbol in the middle cell is identical to the outer symbols in the right cell.
  • The middle symbol in all three cells is different from all the other symbols in the row.


Identify the answer that completes the logical sequence matrix:

korn ferry assessment sample questions


korn ferry logical test answers
View Answer:

This is the correct answer: 


There are three types of patterns in the matrix, each of which appears once in each row and once in each column:

  • A pair of identical diagonal arrows (e.g. the top-left cell).
  • A pair of parallel diagonal arrows that are facing opposite directions (e.g. the bottom-left cell).
  • A pair of diagonal arrows perpendicular to each other (e.g. the middle-left cell).

In the row (and column) of the missing cell there is a pair of identical arrows and a pair of perpendicular arrows, thus the missing cell must contain a pair of arrows that are facing opposite directions. The only alternative that fulfills this requirement is #7.


Not so simple is it? Not only is this a complex question, but on the Korn Ferry exam, you’ll only have 75 seconds to choose an answer.

Expert Tip: If there is more than one symbol in a cell, pay attention to the way they’re ordered inside the cell. This may also be a factor in choosing the right answer.

The Full Korn Ferry preparation offered on this page provides many more answers with specific techniques that will cut down your solving time and help you recognize the pattern more quickly and accurately. You can find more logic practice questions and answers, as well as timed simulations on the full preparation pack. 

Korn Ferry Verbal Sample Questions

Read the following passage and answer the question below:

Labour Crisis

A prolonged labour market recession is in the making, as long-term unemployment is on the rise, and many workers are becoming excluded from the labour market. The shift to austerity measures has further deteriorated conditions of labour markets in countries hit by the debt crisis. The depressed employment situation has been accompanied by growing job precariousness for those who have a job. The incidence of part-time work has risen significantly, as has that of temporary employment.

Given the significant slowdown in economic growth, job loss can increase severely as businesses decrease expenditure, thus leading to higher unemployment. At the same time, the crisis has resulted in the contraction of bank credit for small and medium-sized businesses and this, in turn, has reduced the growth in self-employment.

Measures that will increase employment and speed up economic growth should be taken promptly. Given the impossibility of financing expenditures with deficits, one can realistically suggest budget-neutral increases in training programmes and subsidies to businesses. This must be coupled with government programmes to facilitate credit to small- and medium-sized businesses, financed with increases in taxes in other areas such as environmental or tourist taxes that will not distort the economy adversely.

Adapted from europa.eu


Which one of the following is NOT given as a cause of the labour market recession?

The application of austerity measures
reduced business expenditures
proliferation of part-time jobs
employment instability
lack of financial support for small and medium-sized businesses
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The question asks us to identify five causes (or potential causes) of the recession and one that is not a cause. Let us go over the distracters and find the corresponding sections in the text that relate to them:

A.Given as a cause: ’the shift to austerity measures has further deteriorated labour market conditions’.
B.Given as a cause: ’job loss can increase severely as businesses tend to decrease expenditure’.
C.Given as a symptom: ’the depressed employment situation has been accompanied by… part-time work has risen significantly..’. In other words the proliferation of part-time jobs is a symptom of increased unemployment, not a cause of it.
D.Given as a cause: ’a prolonged labour market recession is in the making as...many workers are becoming excluded from the labour market’.
E.Given as a result and a consequent cause: ’at the same time, the crisis has resulted in the contraction of bank credit for small and medium-sized businesses and in turn reduced the growth in self-employment,’ which in turn negatively effects the labour market.
F.Given as a cause: ’a prolonged labour market recession is in the making as long-term unemployment is on the rise’.

The only answer that is not a cause or a potential cause of the labour crisis is: answer C.



To improve your ability to quickly read and extract the correct answer, practice verbal simulatiions and go over solving strategies on our full Korn Ferry preparation pack. 

Checking Ability Sample Questions

For each of the lines, choose "Yes" if the two sets are identical, or "No" if there are any differences:

 checking ability question
View answers:

no, no, no, no, yes, no

Practice full simulations of checking ability questions, available on our full preparation pack, to sharpen your ability to spot any differences as quickly as possible 

Looking for more talent-Q practice questions? Go to our TalentQ ability tests page for additional numerical, logical, and verbal practice, explanations and tips. 

Korn Ferry Leadership Assessment 

These Personality tests are commonly used for executive positions, to assess leadership abilities, problem-solving skills, and strategic thinking:

Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential (KFALP)

The KFALP is a personality questionnaire that includes three main sections: A background section, Drives, and Work Style and Preferences. It is often used with an additional cognitive test called a Raven APM (advanced progressive matrices) section.

Korn Ferry Four-Dimensional Assessment (KF4D)

The KF4D assesses candidates’ leadership and work-related behaviours, using various ranking formats (ranking lists, choosing cards, and answering individual statements). Questions require ranking your competencies, characteristics of past experiences and personal motivations. It is also called “Korn Ferry Unsupervised Internet Test” or Korn Ferry UIT.

To learn more about the KF4D, KFALP and Leadership Assessment, go to our Korn Ferry Leadership Assessment page.

Korn Ferry Dimensions Test

The Korn Ferry Dimensions Questionnaire measures personality characteristics in three main domains: People and Relationships, Tasks and Projects, and Drives and Emotions. It is often administered with the Korn Ferry cognitive tests.

Here is an example of a dimensions personality question:

How true is each statement about you in relation to your behaviour at work?

korn ferry dimensions test practice

Note: you must choose a different answer for each statement, otherwise you’ll be asked to rate the statement again.

This test has two versions: the long version has 40 questions that take about 25 minutes to complete, and the short version has 13 questions and takes about 8 minutes to complete.

To Learn the best methods for answering this test, go to our Korn Ferry Dimensions Assessment page.

Korn Ferry Assessment Practice Tests

As you can see, Korn Ferry tests are a difficult obstacle on the way to a desired job, assessing a range of skills, that require customized preparation. To maximize your chance to pass, our test experts have created a dedicated preparation kit for every type of Korn Ferry assessment, accessible online:

  • Get Multiple practice tests for every Korn Ferry assessment: Numerical, Logical, Verbal, and Personality.
  • Cut down your solving time using tips and techniques.
  • Improve the skills needed to pass the Korn Ferry assessment with guides and tutorials.

Which Companies Use Korn Ferry Assessments?

Many different companies across the spectrum of industries use Korn Ferry’s assessment tests as part of their recruitment process, such as:


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