Apprenticeship Aptitude Test Questions & Answers

JobTestPrep's Apprenticeship Aptitude PrepPack™ offers complete preparation materials for your upcoming apprenticeship aptitude test. It has been designed to provide you the best chance of success. Many different types of practice tests are included in the pack, all outlined below. 

Verbal Reasoning Tests

On verbal reasoning tests, you must read through a variety of different texts and answer questions based on them. Some of the tests are in the true/false/cannot say format, whilst others provide you with a variety of different statements from which you must select the correct one.

Numerical Reasoning Tests

Numerical tests assess your ability to work with numbers. Some of the practice tests in this PrepPack™ evaluate your mental arithmetic skills (the four basic numerical functions), whilst others are table and graph dependent. In such questions, you are presented with numerical information in the form of a table or graph, and you must use your numerical and analytical skills to answer. 

Error Checking and Accuracy 

These tests are designed to check how quickly and accurately you can find mistakes in tables and other informational sources. You are presented with a string of either numerical, alphabetical, or alphanumerical data, and you must compare this string to either a number of different possibilities or to a line in a piece of text. Generally, you will be under strict, timed conditions, with approximately only 20 seconds to answer each question.

Spatial Reasoning 

On spatial reasoning tests, you are assessed on your ability to examine orientation in two- and three- dimensional spaces. This is examined through organising two-dimensional shapes, spatial reasoning cubes, mirror images, and perspectives.

Mechanical Reasoning 

Most mechanical reasoning and electrical reasoning tests introduce basic concepts of Newtonian mechanics and static and dynamic electricity. The questions cover a variety of topics, including forces and motion, energy, levers, pulleys, and conventions.

Diagrammatic Reasoning

On diagrammatic reasoning tests, you are presented with a set of shapes or a matrix with something missing. It is your task to determine which answer choice is the correct one. These tests are often thought to be the purest form of aptitude testing as they don't depend on language.