Emirates Cabin Crew - Complete Assessment Day Guide

The Emirates is synonymous with luxury which is a tribute to their hard-working cabin crew staff.

In order to get a place on the Emirates cabin crew, the airline employs an intensive recruitment process that includes a personality test, an English language test, and various interviews to find the best candidates.


English Test Sample Question

This test is meant to measure your mastery of the English language.

Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence:

Will's favourite food is cake. As he detected the _____ of freshly baked cakes from outside of the bakery, he began to _____ dessert.

Smell, dislike
Taste, eat
Stink, gorge on
Aroma, crave
Scent, hate
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is Aroma, crave.

An aroma is a distinctive smell. To crave something means to feel a powerful desire for it.

Begin by examining the first blank word. We can eliminate "taste" as we know that Will was outside of the bakery and unable to "detect the taste." We can eliminate "stink" as it means "bad smell" and we know that Will's favourite food is cake, so he is likely to think freshly baked cake smells good. We are left with, "smell," "aroma," and "scent" as possible answer choices for the first blank word.

Now, examine the second blank word of the possible answer choices. We can eliminate "dislike" and "hate" since we know that Will's favourite food is cake. We are left with "crave" as the correct answer choice.

The full sentence reads, "Will's favourite food is cake. As he detected the aroma of the freshly baked cakes from outside of the bakery, he began to crave dessert."


Emirates Cabin Crew Application Form

The first stage of the Emirates recruitment process requires you to fill in an online application form.

The first thing on the application form requires you to answer the question “Why would you like to work for Emirates?” For this question you are given 4000 characters, approximately 500 words, to answer it.

For this question, you will need to include the key values of the company in order to truly impress the Emirates group.

These include:

✔ Curiosity
✔ Professional
✔ Empathetic
✔ Progressive
✔ Cosmopolitan
✔ A passion for customer satisfaction
✔ Embracing other cultures
✔ A positive attitude
✔ A natural ability to provide excellent service in a team environment
✔ The ability to deal with people from many cultures

This essentially is a cover letter explaining to Emirates why you are a great candidate and can fulfil all expectations. Learn more about cover letters here at JobTestPrep.

The Emirates Open Days

A second option for the Emirates Cabin Crew is for you to attend one of the numerous open days that are held throughout the world.

Here you will be given the opportunity to hand in your CV for consideration and you will be given lots of information on the Emirates brand, what they do and how they do it.

If you impress enough on one of these open days, you will be invited back the next day or in the near future to attend the Emirates cabin crew assessment day.

The Emirates Cabin Crew Assessment Day

 If you have done well enough in the previous stages of the Emirates recruitment process you will receive a phone call or email inviting you to attend the Emirates Cabin Crew assessment day.

This is a full day of activities and presentations and there are a few eliminations throughout the day. Therefore, as well as preparing to the utmost, make sure you get a good night’s sleep before.

We will explain each stage of the day below:


This starts off the day and is a one and half hour complete presentation of flying with Emirates, life in Dubai, and living as an Emirates cabin crew member.

Group discussion

In this assessment, you will be placed in groups, generally of two. You will receive a card with a picture of a city on it and you have to discuss this city with your partner. You can use any means to get more information on the city and after 10 minutes you will have to present three things in the city to the assessors.

Reach test

In this test, you will be tested to see if you can reach 212cm (standing on tiptoes is permitted) in order to be able to operate in the plane correctly.

Short informal interview

This is a five-minute interview and is more of an informal chat with one of the assessors. There are generally two questions that you will be asked. The two Emirates cabin crew interview questions are:

  • Why do you want to work for Emirates?
  • Why do you want to be a flight attendant?

For these questions, it is important to remember the key values that we mentioned above and try to incorporate them into your answers. A further way of preparing for these questions is to practice saying your answers out loud. Perfect your interview skills with our interview preparation package. 

After this interview, you will each receive an envelope which either invites you to continue the day or is a rejection.

English Test (if applicable)

Most candidates will then be asked to take this Emirates English test. This is a long test with various different stages.

First of all, you will be given two short stories to read through and answer five questions for each story.

This tests your verbal comprehension abilities that are used daily in in-flight management. You are then given a letter and answer five questions pertaining to it as well.

Following this will be another elimination.

Essay Writing Test

In this stage of the Emirates cabin crew assessment day, you have to write an essay on a selected topic.

Popular choices include: introducing some good places to visit in a country, writing a thank you letter, and writing a report about a holiday that you have recently taken.

For hints and tips on how best to go about writing answers of this nature, check out our writing tips page.

Second Group Discussion

In this assessment, you will split into groups of about 20 and given a brief along with the following lines: There has been a mix up at the airport and even though 20 people had placed orders for hire cars there are only 10 cars available. What should you do?

There are similar variants to this situation as well. At the end of the discussion, one of the assessors comes in and plays the part of someone who didn’t receive a car.

You have to comfort her and this tests your empathising skills as well.

In order to do well in this group discussion you have to bear in mind the key values, mentioned above as well as not being too overbearing.

For more information and tips, see our group exercise section. Following this, there will be a further elimination.

Online Personality Profile Test

After the third elimination, if you have made it through, you will be asked to complete the Emirates Cabin Crew psychometric test.

However, you may be given directions on it and told to take it online before your Emirates Cabin Crew final interview which will be held at a later date.

The Emirates cabin crew psychometric test is a personality profiling test that normally takes 45 minutes to complete.

There are 180 questions to answer in this psychometric test. It has been claimed that it is impossible to prepare for these tests but extensive research has proved this to be false.

With accurate preparation, understanding how these tests work and being appreciative of what the employer wants, you will be able to answer the questions in sync with what Emirates want.

Emirates Cabin Crew Interview

On a date that has been previously arranged at the Emirates assessment day, you will face the final interview.

This is the last step of the Emirates cabin crew recruitment process.

Some popular Emirates cabin crew interview questions include the following:

  • Can you describe a time when you received constructive criticism?
  • What do you find challenging?
  • Describe a stressful event in your life and how you dealt with it.
  • Have you ever had to deal with a difficult client? How did you do so?
  • Why nationalities do you think you will have the most difficulty dealing with?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to make a difficult decision.
  • What was the worst mistake you have ever made?
  • What do you know about Dubai?
  • What do you know about Emirates Airlines?

These questions are just a sampling of what you will receive on the day. However, in order to answer these questions correctly, be sure to utilize the and our interview preparation package.


The Ultimate Prep for Your Cabin Crew Hiring Process

Companies choose their employees according to their performance in their assessments such as the assessment day and the interview. Doing well is, therefore, the key to your employment. Invest into JobTestPrep’s exclusive practise materials, prepare for your pre-employment assessment, and secure for yourself a place in the Emirates.



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Emirates Airlines and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders is affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website.