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The Wonderlic Personnel Test

The Wonderlic Personnel Test, or Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test, is a 12-minutes, 50-questions screening test, that can easily decide your future. In order to make the most of your preparation, and to get an understanding of what you are about to face, watch the following instructional video.

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Video Tips for the Wonderlic Test

If you are taking the Wonderlic test, you will likely see various types of math and logic questions. It is therefore important to be familiar with these types of questions. The videos below explain how to crack percentage questions, average questions, and logic questions. Click on the playlist button on the top left side of the video to see the videos for solving averages and percentage questions.


Ace Your Wonderlic Tests

The Wonderlic tests may seem challenging at first. Our preparation resources help you understand the structure of the tests and improve your performance. Pass your test with ease.


Tips for the Verbal Section On The Wonderlic Test

Typically, 40% of the Wonderlic Test is comprised of Verbal questions. Not an 'English person'? Here are some tips to help you do well on this section.

Sentence Ordering

In sentence ordering questions, you are given parts of a disjointed sentence that you must arrange into a readable sentence.

For example:

Arrange these words into an organised sentence:

days 29 has February each years four


The answer is: February has 29 days each four years.

Sentence Ordering Tips

Look for the capital letter. First, look for the first word. The first word will be marked with a capital letter. If there is a name in the sentence or words that usually appear with capital letter, another word must have a capital letter as well (making it the first word). If not, the name is the first word (just as we saw at the example with February).

Read the question thoroughly. People often tend to arrange the sentence properly but fail to answer the question correctly. It is advised to read the question thoroughly and avoid reading it briefly due to time pressure. Look for specific words There are a lot of words that commonly do not stand by themselves. A good emphasis for this tip is the word "to". This word must follow or be followed by another word.


In analogies, the question presents a typical format, followed by five different answer choices: X is to Y as _____ is to Z.

For example:

Fins are part of fish as ____ are parts of boats

  1. Fins are part of fish as nets are parts of boats
  2. Fins are part of fish as sails are parts of boats
  3. Fins are part of fish as woods are parts of boats
  4. Fins are part of fish as decks are parts of boats
  5. Fins are part of fish as sailors are parts of boats


The answer is choice 2.

Analogies Tips

In order to solve this question, we need to understand the meanings of all the words. However even if we don't know what all the words mean, we can still get the correct answer by using one of these two methods:

  • Creating a sentence with the first pair of words and applying it to the other pair.
  • Thinking about the relationship between the words.

Method 1: The first method is very useful in eliminating the wrong answers, but usually it will leave us with a hard decision between two different answer choices.

Using the previous example, the first choice is wrong: nets are not parts of a boats. They can be on a boat, but they are not part of a boat.

The second choice works because a sail is a part of a boat. Unfortunately, though, we cannot simply mark it as correct because other choices may fit as well. Remember, always check all the answers.

The third sentence is wrong, because boats can be made out of woods, but wood is not a part of a boat.

The fourth sentence, however, also fits! A deck is a part of a boat. 

The fifth sentence is irrational, because sailors populate the boat but are not actually part of the boat.

So which word alternative is the correct answer? Now we have to use the second method.

A fin is part of a fish, but it is also a specific part of the fish. Using the fins, the fish can move forward and swim in the water. So a fin is the part that in charge of the movement of the fish as a sail is in in charge of the movement of a boat. A deck is just a part of the boat and does not correlate to the specific role as the fin does; thus it is the wrong answer.

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