Wonderlic Practice Test 

The questions below closely resemble those you will see in the Wonderlic Test. For an idea of the time pressure of the test, set your stopper to 14 seconds before each question and see how you do. 


General Knowledge / Following Instructions

The sixth month of the year is:

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

June is the sixth month of the year. 

This question is straightforward for most, but under pressure many make mistakes they usually wouldn't. 


SCRUPULOUS is the opposite of: 

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Negligent is the opposite of scrupulous.

Working on your vocabulary is one of the ways to improve your Wonderlic score.

Vocabulary / Acronyms

Does DIY mean "do it yourself"? 

A) Yes
B) No

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The correct answer is A.

DIY is the acronym for “do it yourself.”

Word Comparison


The meanings of these words are:

A) Similar.
B) Contradictory.
C) Neither similar nor contradictory.

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The correct answer is A.

To antecede and to precede both mean to be earlier than something.

Checking and Speed

How many of the five pairs listed below are exact duplicates?

Truman, H.W.

Trumen, H.W.

Salif, O.L.

Salif, O.J.

Grinberg, A.L.

Grinberg, A.L.

Havanos, B.G.

Havanos, B.G.

Lichtenstein, D.W.

Lichtunstein, D.W. 

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

There are three differences between the two sides. Under time pressure you can easily miss out on the minor differences hidden in the question. 



Disarranged Sentences

Arrange the following words so that they make a complete sentence. Is the rearranged sentence true or false?

not Winter seasons summer are and

A) True
B) False

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The correct answer is B.

The sentence is: Summer and winter are not seasons, which is false.

Deductive Reasoning

First statement: Black-haired people are kind.
Second statement: I am kind.

I have black hair.

A) Yes
B) No
C) Uncertain

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The correct answer is C.

According to the first statement, you know that black-haired people are kind but that kind people do not necessarily have black hair. Therefore, you cannot know for sure if the third statement is correct.

Math Word Problems

Five cookies cost $0.30. How much will 30 cookies cost?


Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is 1.80$. 

We have the cost of five cookies, so to reach the cost of 30 cookies we simply multiply 0.30$ by six - reaching 1.80$. 

A train travels 100 feet every two seconds. How far will it travel in 36 seconds?


Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is 1800 feet. 

The distance for two seconds is given, so to reach the distance for 36 seconds we must multiply by 18. 18*100=1800

Ariel, Alex, and Dana form a business agreement in which Ariel receives 20% of profits, Alex receives 70% of profits, and Dana receives the remaining 10%. The total profits for the month of June were $6,600. How much more would Dana receive if the profits were divided equally?

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is A. In the current agreement, Dana receives 10% of $6600, which is $6600*10/100=$660. If the profits were divided equally between the three partners she would have received a third, which is $6600*1/3=$2200. Therefore, she would have made $2200-$660=$1540 more in the second case.

Number Series

What is the next number in the series?

24, 28, 31, 33, 34, 34, __

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

In this number series, a number smaller by 1 is added each time. Looking at the number series we can se that 4,3,2,1, and 0 are added, therefore the next number to be added to 34 is negative one - meaning the answer is 33. 


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What is the Wonderlic Test

The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) is also known as the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test (CAT). It includes 50 questions that need to be completed in 12 minutes. This exam is not a measure of how smart you are, but rather how well you play the game, i.e. knowing the right strategies for getting the highest score possible, while at the same time completing all the given questions.

The Four Types of Wonderlic Personnel Test Questions

 ✻ Spatial Reasoning
Spatial reasoning questions assess your ability in utilising logic to discern various patterns. This ability is important in a wide range of fields, such as architecture, design, engineering and various military positions. You can also apply this skill in day-to-day office jobs. How so? A person with strong spatial reasoning skills will generally have the capacity to approach complex situations and find unique solutions in a way that others may not be able to do.

 ✻ Speed
Speed questions are generally easy but are thrown at you very quickly. For instance, a question might be as simple as “what is not a food item?” When answering this question, you will have to choose from a list of four possibilities, such as cake, banana, dessert and desert. While we all know that dessert is a food course and desert is a hot area, it can be easy to confuse them under pressure.

 ✻ Verbal
Verbal reasoning questions are used to measure candidates' capabilities in an office environment. These questions are important because they assess skills which are related to the comprehension and understanding of language. For instance, you may be tested on anagrams, antonyms vs. synonyms, metaphors and common or colloquial sayings.  Additionally, you might be given a sentence such as: “An arm has two monkeys." After reading this statement, you will be asked if the sentence can be arranged into a proper sentence.

 ✻ Word Problems
Word problem questions consist of numerical problems which are presented as both long and short word problems. Consider this example of a question relating to clothing production in a factory: "A food factory has two machines which produce a combined amount of 300 boxes of cereal per hour on an average day. One of the machines broke and the second one only operated for 30 minutes before it broke as well. How many boxes of cereal were created before the second machine broke?"


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