Verbal Critical Reasoning Tests PrepPack™

Practice the same style question you will encounter in your actual test and learn techniques for solving them quickly and without stress.

Verbal Critical Reasoning
  • 1 diagnostic test
  • 11 true/false/cannot
  • 6 critical thinking tests
  • 3 verbal element tests
  • 18 reading comprehension
  • 7 verbal analysis tests
  • 5 study guides & video tutorials

Inside this PrepPack™ find 1 diagnostic test accompanied with a PDF guide, 11 true/false/cannot say verbal tests, 6 multiple choice critical thinking tests, 3 element tests, 18 basic/intermediate/advanced reading comprehension and 7 verbal analysis tests.

Also featured within the pack are 4 study guides and video tutorials that include, solving element verbal tips, verbal reasoning questions, the true meaning behind true/false/cannot say tests and a guide that focus' on verbal analysis.


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