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About JobTestPrep's Unilever PrepPack

To successfully complete Unilever's recruitment process you should prepare for all the assessments that are ahead of you. The Unilever PrepPack was created with your success in mind. Take advantage of the full-length mock tests, explanations, score reports, study guides and more tips & tools.

The Unilever Recruitment Process

Unilever is one of the leading retailers of consumer goods in the world. The range of products and categories they sell make Unilever an exciting place to work. Competition is high for each position, so you have to convince the recruitment team that you have what it takes at each stage of the process. Prepare for the various assessments in your Unilever selection process with our range of dedicated resources.

The Unilever interview process contains several stages. The exact assessments you will have varies according to the programme you are applying to. In this page, we follow the stages of the Unilever Future Leaders Programme as it is the fullest process. Other applicants will find the sections relevant to their recruitment process useful.

Unilever Standards of Leadership

These are the Unilever competencies, a set of skills that they expect to find in each and every employee. The focus of these skills is leadership, and the different ways it is manifested in your everyday work at Unilever. You must make sure to demonstrate them throughout the recruitment process.

Growth Mindset – Competitive leadership; positive, realistic, attitude to the company’s future.

Consumer and Customer Focus Purpose-driven leadership; see our brands through our customers’ eyes.

Bias for Action – Action-driven leadership; urgency in decision-making, prepared to think things through to take risks.

Accountability and Responsibility – Performance-driven leadership; take responsibility for your part in Unilever’s overall performance.

Building Talent and Teams – People-driven leadership; invest in people’s development and build teams that can work together to win.

Unilever Application Form

The first stage of the Unilever application process is the online application form. This form is quite long and involved so take your time to answer it really well. In it you will have to have to fill out all your university details as well as your A-Level results and other academic qualifications. You will also have to fill out a section describing your hobbies and other interests. In addition, you will need to answer three competency questions. These can vary, but may include:

  • What attracted you to apply for the Unilever Future Leaders Programme? What attracted you to your chosen function within Unilever?
  • Describe a time when you came up with an idea that required you to get the support of others.
  • Describe a time when you spotted an opportunity and made it happen.

These questions are your opportunity to really tell the recruitment team why you are a good choice for Unilever, so use them wisely. They are looking for organised examples from your previous experience written using the STAR method. You only have 500 words per question, so make sure that all information is new and relevant to your application as well as refers to the leadership values.

Unilever Online Tests

Once you have completed the online application form the next stage is two Unilever psychometric tests: a numerical reasoning test, and a logical reasoning test, both provided by IBM’s Kenexa. You must successfully pass these tests in order to progress to the next stage of the Unilever interview process. 

Unilever Numerical Reasoning Test

The first test that you will do is the Unilever online numerical test. You are presented with information ranging from graphs to tables of figures. From these you will have to analyse the information and calculate answers to enable you to choose from one of five options. There are 20 questions to complete in the 20 minute time frame, placing pressure on you to work quickly and accurately. Preparing for this test is your way of ensuring that you are confident and can work quickly through questions when you come to take them for real. 

Unilever Logical Reasoning Test

In this test, you are presented with a series of shapes in sequence. You have to analyse the order and understand the rules linking one shape to the next. You then have to choose the next shape in the sequence from a choice of four or five possibilities. The Unilever logical reasoning test is designed to test your logical thinking and problem-solving skills without needing language or other knowledge. 

Unilever PLI Test

The PI LI test consists of 50 questions to be answered in 12 minutes. This assesses four different competencies which are numerical and verbal abilities and spatial and logical reasoning skills.


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Unilever Telephone Interview

Once you have passed the Unilever aptitude test, your next assessment is the telephone interview. Interview questions in this interview focus on the competencies once again as well as questions designed to tease out your motivation in applying to both Unilever and this specific role. You may also be asked technical questions about the role you are applying to, and about Unilever itself.

Preparation ahead of this interview is important as it is your first real-time interaction with Unilever. You must try to create a good impression in not only the quality of your answers but also in the way that you put them across. This can be more difficult because you can’t see the interviewers reactions to your answers, but there are advantages to this type of interview - you can keep a list of examples ready to use in your answers and you can have notes on Unilever to help you sound informed. 

Some of the Unilever interview questions asked at this stage in the past include:

  • Can you tell me about Unilever’s history?
  • Why did you apply for a position with Unilever?
  • What is Unilever’s vision for the future?
  • What kind of products do Unilever provide?
  • Please walk me through your CV?
  • What would you like to be doing on a day to day basis?
  • What skills do you personally bring into Unilever?
  • Describe a time when you showed initiative.
  • Who are our competitors, and what separates them from Unilever?
  • What difficulties is Unilever facing at the moment?
  • What makes you a good manager?

Whilst you are thinking up answers, try to think up a couple of questions that you can ask at the end of the interview. Make sure to think of questions that can really help you learn something new, and not be something that you could answer with a simple search of the Unilever website.


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