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The Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) is a significant barrier on the way to an undergraduate program at Oxford, Cambridge and UCL. That's where we fit into the picture. As online leaders in preparing people for admissions and job selection tests, we have created an extensive, up-to-date and beneficial practice experience that simulates the real TSA, incorporating real time frames, comprehensive explanations, solving strategies, and score reports. Providing you with important insights and an overlook of your current performance. Learn more about the TSA test format here.

How Can JobTestPrep Help You Prepare for TSA?

There are many important aspects that make a learning process efficient and rewarding. We at JobTestPrep believe that the practice phase is of prime importance, and when it's accompanied by useful tools for improvement such as solving tips, explanations, and score reports, there is a greater chance that any candidate would perform better in his upcoming test.

TSA Oxford

At Oxford, the TSA is administered at its full version, which includes two papers: A paper test with 50 multiple choice questions and an essay writing task. It is used for selecting candidates to the following programs:

  • Philosophy, Politics, and Economics - PPE
  • Economics and Management - E&M
  • Experimental Psychology - EP
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy

TSA Cambridge

At Cambridge, most programs and departments use the multiple choice question section of the test.  The Politics, Psychology & Sociology (PPS) program requires only to sit the critical thinking section of the test, which includes 25 questions. 


At University College London, European Social and Political Studies also require the multiple choice section of the TSA as part of the application process.

What's Included

  • 2 full-length TSA practice exams
  • Comprehensive explanations and solving tips
  • Additional practice drills by topic
  • Study guides reviewing the topics
  • Learn how to answer critical thinking questions
  • Master the basics of problem solving questions
  • Including score reports
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