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Behavioural Tests Include:

Personality Test

Personality tests are used by employers to get a picture of you and how you may behave at work or under other circumstances. A personality test also gives some indication of how you may fit into the team or organisation. In this test you are usually given lists of personality traits and asked to choose the one that most or least describes you. There are typically many questions in this test, and some questions may feel repetitive, but ultimately they build up a picture of you as a whole.


Emotional Intelligence

This test is another form of personality test with an emphasis on your capacity to use and manage emotions in the workplace. Seen as a test of your keys to future success, emotional intelligence test aims to see how your personality leads to leadership, proactive working styles, relationship development and even managerial skills.

The competencies and skills measured through an emotional intelligence test include:

  • Effective interpersonal communication skills
  • Behavioural management skills such as emotional self-control and management of others
  • Cognisance of the emotions of others
  • Performance enhancement through positive emotional support
  • Efficient problem solving skills

Scenario Based Assessment

This test is better known as a situational judgement test or SJT. This test measures and evaluates your responses to hypothetical work based situations. In this test a short scenario is set out and you are asked to choose the most or least appropriate response to it from a list of options. Although this test is untimed, employers are looking at the speed and efficiency of your responses to help them identify whether you can think and reason on your feet and solve problems effectively.

Situational judgement tests measure cognitive skills such as:

  • Quick learning ability
  • Adaptability
  • Information integration
  • Strategic thinking
  • Problem solving skills

Prepare for Testgrid Behavioural Tests

The purpose of psychometric tests such as personality or judgement tests is to give your potential employer a picture of who you are and how you fit with the values of the company and person specification of the role that you are applying to. By preparing for the test and familiarising yourself with the types of questions you can expect, you will be able to give the best picture of yourself. Prepare for these tests with our personality test and situational judgement test practice packs.

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