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Testgrid offer a range of cognitive ability and aptitude tests for different levels and professions. You may be asked to take just one, or more tests. The tests you are asked to take reflect important on the job skills, with some sectors requiring the common tests of verbal, numerical and abstract/ diagrammatic reasoning tests, and others requiring more technical tests. In some cases you may find you are invited to take a Testgrid General Mental Ability (GMA) test. In reality this is a collection of some of the tests described under this heading below.

Cognitive ability and aptitude tests give your potential employer another level of information about you and your abilities, including how well you understand a range of data and text, reason and learn new concepts. Tests in this category are usually timed - and your employers are given a reading on your accuracy and speed.



Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning tests use language to measure your communication and problem solving skills. Verbal reasoning is one of the most common Testgrid tests you will come across as most jobs require people to be able to comprehend and analyse documents or verbal information.

The types of skills examined by the Testgrid verbal test include:

  • Ability to think quickly and respond accordingly with reasoned verbal responses
  • Form an understanding of concepts during conversations
  • Effective problem solving skills
  • Draw correct conclusions using verbal information
  • Find relationships between ideas and concepts using verbal information

The types of question asked in verbal reasoning tests include defining words, identifying synonyms; identifying the underlying meanings of common words and phrases; answering comprehension questions on a text; and verbal critical reasoning requiring you to understand and interpret information presented in a passage of text or other written format. Not all tests will have questions of each type in them, it depends on the level of verbal skills needed for the job you are applying to.

Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning tests use information provided in numbers to test your strengths in data interpretation, analysis and formation of conclusions. In other words, this test looks at how well you can understand numerical information and use it to answer questions or illustrate a point. This test is used to examine your skills in analytical insight, interpreting and reporting on numerical data, and identifying patterns and trends. Alongside verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning is the most common test you are likely to come up against as it is seen as a measure of your general intellectual intelligence, and because working with numbers is so important to so many jobs.

The types of question in a Testgrid numerical test are listed below. The exact questions your test contains depends on the level of numerical skills required for your job.

  • Simple operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • Number series
  • Word problems - applied mathematical questions mirroring on the job situations
  • Critical reasoning - ability to understand and interpret numerical information in the form of tables, graphs, diagrams, charts

Abstract Reasoning

Abstract reasoning tests assess your lateral thinking and problem solving skills without using words or numbers. In this type of test you need to identify patterns presented in diagrammatic or other image form and choose the shape that completes the sequence.

These tests measure key competencies including:

  • Ability to identify patterns and relationships in data
  • Logical reasoning - how well you can apply logic to solve a problem
  • Information integration and application to problem solving
  • Natural learning capability
  • Systemic approach to problems and developments

Diagrammatic Reasoning

Diagrammatic reasoning is another form of non-verbal test, measuring your logical thought processes, or how well you can follow an action through from start to finish. In this test you are asked to evaluate the processes represented through diagrams. Questions contain panels and illustrations that define logical processes and items that require you to use the information provided in order to identify the correct answer.

Business Reasoning Assessments

This test is a more technical test aimed at candidates who are applying for business related jobs. The test is designed to measure tactical and strategic problem solving skills and critical thinking skills.

The skills measured in this test include:

  • Ability to decipher data and diagrams
  • Understand the big picture while retaining the details
  • Detect errors in logic and gaps in information
  • Think strategically
  • Apply logic to answer questions
  • Ability to draw conclusions from facts

Mechanical Reasoning

Mechanical reasoning tests measure your ability to understand mechanical concepts, identify relationships between components and solve mechanical problems. In order to answer questions you must be able to visualise the movement of objects through space and understand cause-effect relationships between mechanical components. Commonly used for industry and manufacturing roles (mining, maintenance, construction and more), and particularly for graduates and entry level applicants.

Technical Reasoning

Another test aimed at people applying for technical roles, this test measures your practical reasoning skills. The questions in this test are a combination of deductive reasoning, logical sequencing and practical problem solving, including spatial reasoning.

This test measures the competencies needed for jobs in technical, trade and engineering roles, including:

  • Understanding and application of technical concepts
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Mechanical reasoning
  • Logical sequencing
  • Data integration

Prepare for the Cognitive Ability and Aptitude Assessments

Employers use these tests to assess whether you have the abilities and potential that they are looking for in their employees. It is therefore essential that you take practice tests ahead of your Testgrid assessments to ensure that you give the best impression of yourself that you can give. Prepare for these tests with our complete range of test practice packs.

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