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About the Tesco PrepPack

Tesco is the third largest retailer in the world, and they use this size as a way of offering good opportunities to their staff. The company believe in recruiting people at the start of their careers, and offering them a career with great progression opportunities. The Tesco recruitment process is designed to ensure that they only employ the best applicants. The Tesco selection process contains several steps, get ready with JobTestPrep to excel and land the Tesco job you desire. 

Tesco Psychometric Tests

Once you have submitted your Tesco application form, and your application is progressed further, you are invited to take some Tesco psychometric tests. Tesco’s aptitude tests are typically provided by the testing company Saville. Depending on the role, there are a number of tests you may encounter.

Tesco Numerical Reasoning Test

The Tesco numerical reasoning test assesses your ability to use and manipulate numerical data provided in the form of charts, graphs or tables. After identifying the relevant information you have to perform calculations often involving percentages, ratios and inflation change as well as other mathematical functions. The questions are multiple choice, meaning that you have to pick the correct answer from a list of options. This is easier said than done as there may just be a decimal place in the wrong place or other such distractors. There are usually 18 questions to answer in 18 minutes.

Any time you have such a strict time frame to work with you are faced with pressure. Add to this the fact that it is your future at stake and this can make anyone panic. The way to overcome this is to hit the ground running by knowing what kind of questions you will face and how to answer them in the shortest possible time. This is achieved by taking practice tests in the same environment and time limits. At JobTestPrep we have created such packs that give you perfect practice to prepare you for the real thing. By taking practice tests in advance you familiarise yourself with the test, improve your speed and accuracy, and thus your confidence ensuring you get a better score.

Tesco Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning tests are designed to test how well you understand, process and use verbal information. In a verbal reasoning test you are given a passage to read over, and a statement based on the passage. Your task is to determine the correct answer. The answer options are often in the true, false, or you cannot say variety but can also include selecting the best option or conclusion based on the passage.

One of the more challenging aspects of this test, apart from the tight time frame that you are given is knowing how to answer the questions. There are normally 30 questions to answer in just 18 minutes so you need to work fast and with confidence. You have to answer them based solely on the information in the passage and not on any other information that you may know. This may seem easy but in fact is often difficult, particularly if you know that something in the passage isn’t correct. This may have been done deliberately in order to trip you up. Hence, preparing for this test improves your ability to answer these questions quickly and correctly.

Tesco Logical/Inductive Reasoning Test

Logical or inductive reasoning tests are often called IQ tests as they are the type of non-verbal test used to get a picture of your intellect without the use of words or numbers. You are given a sequence of shapes or patterns and asked to identify the next shape in the sequence from a set of options. This is a fast-moving test, with 24 questions to answer in less than 20 minutes. JobTestPrep’s Savile-style inductive/logical reasoning packs provide tips and guidance to help you identify patterns and solve these questions as well as practice tests to help you gain a good score in the test.

Tesco Situational Judgement Test

Some applicants have to take the Tesco situational judgement test (SJT) which presents you with scenarios that are likely to take place in the field of work that you have applied for. There are typically five different answer options and you have to select the one that is the most desirable and the one that is the least. This test closely relates to the competencies that your job application desires and the answers that you provide should fit in with them. 


The Right Prep Materials is Your Path to Passing Tesco Assessment tests

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Online Application Form

The first stage of your application is the Tesco application form. The Tesco online application form is potentially your first foot in the door, so it is vital that your form represents you well. Plan your answer to each section carefully, making sure that it is concise but that you have included all information. Check over your application form before you send it in to ensure that there are no spelling or grammar errors. Save a copy of your application form so that you can review it at each later stage.

The Tesco application form contains sections on:

Personal objectives - What are your career plans? What do you want to achieve by working with Tesco?

Personal summary - Summarise your key skills and achievements; describe yourself as a person; highlight your job roles and achievements to date. This section is a very general introduction to you.

Interests and hobbies - What do you do in your spare time?

Skills - The application form asks you to list at least five additional skills that you have to help you stand out from the crowd.

You are also asked to upload your CV to the application form. You must make sure that the information on your CV matches the information on your application form. It is also advisable to tailor your CV to the job description. 

Tesco has a strong emphasis on taking a customer focus, working well in a team, and taking satisfaction in solving problems. However they are also looking for leaders, and throughout the recruitment process they are looking for candidates with the best skills against five leadership areas:

  • Empathy
  • Collaboration
  • Resilience
  • Responsiveness
  • Innovation

Tesco Graduate Scheme

The Tesco graduate scheme contains three main streams:

  • Store Management Programme
  • Distribution Management Programme
  • Office Programmes.

The Office Programmes include Finance, Marketing, Personnel, Supply Chain, Tesco.com to name a few.

For students who are not yet graduating from university, Tesco offers industrial placements and summer internships to enable you to gain experience of working in the sector and with the company during your studies.

And for school leavers, Tesco offer a Commercial Development Programme training you up in buying and merchandising for the general merchandise and food sections of the business. School leavers who are interested in fashion can apply for a place on the ENSPIRE programme working jointly with the Florence and Fred brand and the Fashion and Retail Academy.


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