Talent-Q Korn Ferry All-Inclusive PrepPack: Elements & Dimensions Tests

Improve fast with full test simulations and questions drills tailored after the actual Talent-Q tests

Talent-Q All-Inclusive Pack

Talent-Q Elements practice tests:
✓ 1 Full Talent-Q Elements diagnostic test
✓ 3 Elements Numerical tests
✓ 3 Elements Verbal tests
✓ 3 Elements Logical tests
Talent-Q Aspects practice tests:
✓ 2 full Talent-Q Aspects simulations
✓ 5 Aspects Numerical tests
✓ 5 Aspects Verbal tests
✓ 3 Aspects checking practice tests
Personality Tests & SJTs:
✓ 15 SJT Practice tests
✓ Korn Ferry Leadership study guide
✓ Dimensions study guide
✓ Extra Personality tests guide and practice drills
Extra Practice:
✓ 49 Extra Numerical & Verbal practice drills
✓ 23 Study Guides and video tutorials


Central Aspects of the Korn Ferry Talent-Q Test

Before we get into specifics, it is first important to understand what the goal of the Korn Ferry Talent-Q assessment is.

Korn Ferry Talent-Q has devised a range of tests geared for different fields. The tests differ from other psychometric tests, due to their difficulty levels, and in that each test is designed to evaluate you on multiple levels. Thus, companies save time and energy, because they are essentially administering multiple tests rolled into one, also known as “blended tests.” Talent-Q exams include logical, numerical, and verbal tests, so let’s take a quick look at each test variation.

Logical TestThe logical test focuses on abstract rules and patterns in complex 3X3 matrices. You will only be provided with around 1 minute to answer each question, or 12 questions within 15 minutes.

Numerical Test

This 12-question test is data focused including graphs and tables and challenges you to both analyze and understand the numbers presented. Note, there will be more multiple-choice options and only 16 minutes to complete the entire exam.

Verbal TestFull of long reading passages, this test challenge your ability to infer, draw conclusions, and examine verbal information. You will be running against the clock with only 16 minutes to answer 15 questions.

What to look out for?

One of the things that makes Korn Ferry Talent-Q unique is the amount of irrelevant information thrown into the mix in order to throw you off kilter. Also, the test much be finished in breakneck speed, so it is very important to prepare.

With 24 full length tests and 47 additional tests and drills, plus 24 guides and video tutorials.

In this PrepPack™ you will find tests covering numerical, verbal, logical, as well as combination tests. All of these are aimed to give you a complete practise so you will be ready for your Talent-Q tests.

This test prep pack provides you with all the resources you need to prepare for your Talent-Q Elements test:

  1. Tailored Talent-Q Elements practice exercises and full tests that simulate the real thing
  2. Rich collection of study guides
  3. Comprehensive video tutorials

Together, these offer you an in-depth, well-rounded understanding of this unique and challenging test, helping you to surpass your competition and get the job.


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