The Siena Consulting Assessment Tests: Siena Reasoning Test, SPI, SPT and OFD

Based in the US, Siena Consulting is a provider of a variety of psychometric tests that are used mainly for applicants applying to jobs in the US. For example, although you would sit the JP Morgan psychometric tests provided by SHL if you are applying in Europe, in the US you will be asked to sit the tests provided by Siena. In this article we will go through each of the tests they provide.

The SRT, the Siena Reasoning Test

There are in fact a few different sections of this test but there is an underlying theme throughout and that is that this test assesses your ability to reach conclusions and think in the manner that the company want. There is both a verbal and a nonverbal section to the SRT.

In the verbal section there are three different tests. The first test presents you with a passage of information and between five to ten different conclusions that are correct based on the passage. You have to analyse the different conclusions and decide which of them the correct conclusion to make is.

In the second test you again have a passage to digest. However in this test you are given a statement possibly based on the text. It is your task to decide whether the statement is true, false, or impossible to say based on the passage. Again here, it is your ability to think logically and make correct deductions that is being tested.

The final test of this section presents you with two or three different statements which you have to use to decide which of the multiple choice conclusions is correct.

As well as the verbal test in the SRT, Siena reasoning test you also have to undertake an abstract reasoning test. In this test you are presented with a sequence of pictures or matrices that has a certain logical pattern running through it. You have to discern this pattern and use it to calculate the missing link.

The Siena Preferences Inventory, the SPI

In this personality test, you are asked two types of questions. In the first type of question you are asked to select a personality trait that best suits you when faced with a specific situation. For example: How quickly do you make difficult decisions? This question has four different options for you to choose from and you have to select the one that suits you most. The second style of question presents you with a number of statements that you have to decide on whether you agree with them or disagree with them on a five point scale.

The Siena Practical Judgement Test, the PJT

This test is commonly known as a Situational Judgement Test, an SJT where you are presented with a situation that could take place at your potential place of work. There are a number of different options available to choose from and you have to decide which of these options the best way of handling the situation is. As with all psychometric tests, practising these tests is important and by doing so you will increase your performance level when you actually come to take the test thus giving you a better chance of landing the position you are applying for.

The Siena Organisational Fit Diagnostic, the OFD

This assessment is a motivational test where you are asked a question such as: I prefer to work in an environment where… You are given two different options and you have to select the option that is best suited for the job you are applying for. Learning how to answer questions in motivational assessments is difficult as you need to answer the questions the way the employer wants whilst being true to yourself. 

Prepare for Siena

In this article we have gone through the different tests that Siena use to assess different candidates. Taking any psychometric aptitude test is stressful; it is your future livelihood on the line after all. One of the most successful methods to counter this is to be fully prepared. This means knowing what you are going to take and how to be effective when you do take it. JobTestPrep has the expertise and practise materials to guide you through any job application.