Preparation for PSNI Non Police Officer Aptitude Tests

As well as Police Officers, the PSNI employs a range of specialist and support staff who work within the service to support the policing work. As part of your recruitment process for many of these roles, you can expect to take some aptitude tests. These tests will differ based on the role, speciality and area you are applying to, but in this page we look at some of the more common tests.
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PSNI recruit to a wide range of jobs from ICT officers in the Information and Communications Services Branch in Operational Support to Procurement teams in the Finance and Support Services. Aptitude tests in recruitment to these roles are designed to assess you against the key skills needed in the job. Whilst there may be many different tests and recruitment processes, this page provides an example of one such process.

ICT Officers Recruitment

ICT officer recruitment is often handled by a recruitment agency with experience in the field. Applicants can expect a series of aptitude tests designed to assess the skills needed in an analytical IT role. These tests are provided by CEB’s SHL, and include:


Diagramming is a form of diagrammatic reasoning test. In a diagramming test you are asked to follow a set of complex instructions usually in coded symbols to manipulate a series of figures. This test is looking at your ability to analyse logic whilst handling multiple and inter-dependent commands. This test is a non verbal test usually used in the aptitude test pack for IT jobs. You usually have 20 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice questions. Prepare for your SHL’s diagramming test with our dedicated SHL style diagrammatic reasoning test pack.

Spatial reasoning

Spatial reasoning tests look at how you visualise and understand spatial relationships, usually between two and three dimensional representations of shapes. This is a non verbal test usually given to IT staff who need to be able to work with and communicate spatial information. This is a timed multiple choice test, with 20 minutes allocated to answer 40 questions. Learn more about this test, and prepare for it with our SHL style spatial reasoning preparation pack.

Verbal evaluation

A verbal evaluation test measures your ability to understand and evaluate the logic included in a set of written passages. The topics of written passages are relevant to the area of work you are applying to, for example junior management, sales and customer service, or ICT. This test is a fast moving test, with 30 minutes allocated to answer 60 multiple choice questions. Sharpen your verbal reasoning skills and prepare your approach to this test with our SHL style verbal reasoning test packs.

Interpreting data

This is a numerical reasoning test. In this test you are being assessed on your ability to make decisions or inferences from numerical data. Applicants for jobs that use numerical information to make decisions, or to analyse and understand arguments are given this test. Questions are in multiple choice format, and you have 30 minutes to answer 40 questions. Prepare for your numerical reasoning test with JobTestPrep’s SHL style numerical reasoning test packs.

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