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The Psytech Graduate Reasoning Test or GRT1 as it is known, is a combination of three different tests and is used in assessing high level staff (e.g. managerial positions, system analysts, accountants, SMP’s, technical and scientific posts etc). The tests are designed to evaluate high level reasoning skills thus gauging the mental ability of each candidate. The three tests are:

Verbal reasoning (VR1) – This test is used to evaluate high level verbal abilities and thus measures vocabulary, verbal fluency and the candidate's proficiency using the English language. 

Numerical reasoning (NR1) – In this test the candidate will have to prove their numerical ability by using different concepts and use logical reasoning to recognize different mathematical relationships.

Abstract reasoning (AR1) – Commonly known as the purest form of mental ability, in the AR1 the candidate will be evaluated of the capacity to understand abstract logical problems. These tests are used to measure process mapping, creativity and abstract thinking levels. 


Similar in a sense to GRT1, the General Reasoning Test, GRT2, also comprises a set of three different tests. However, these are of a more basic nature and are more suited to non-graduate positions such as accounts, clerks, junior sales, and administrative positions. They evaluate the candidate's logical reasoning ability, vocabulary skills, problem solving abilities and how quickly they can grasp abstract concepts. The tests in this series are:

Verbal reasoning (VR2) – This test is used to evaluate basic vocabulary as well as the capacity to reason using words. 

Numerical reasoning (VR1) – In this test the candidate will be presented with different pieces of numerical data and show the ability to use the different figures in a logical and efficient way. 

Abstract reasoning (AR2) – These tests are very similar to the AR1 test but on an easier level. The candidate will be presented with various figures and shapes and has to distinguish between them working out a pattern. 


This test is in fact an adaptive version of the above mentioned GRT 1 and GRT2. Candidates who took it said it includes the exact same style of questions seen on the more basic editions of it. Our GRT style practice pack is a useful preparation tool for it.


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