Philippines Special Career Service Examination (CSE-PPT) Sub-Professional Level

JobTestPrep offers you preparation materials for the Philippines Special Career Service Examination sub-professional level. This PrepPack™ includes vocabulary tests, verbal comprehension, spelling and grammar exams, clerical skills assessments and numerical reasoning tests.  Get a head start and practise for all of the test's eventualities today! 


Philippines Sub-Professional Pen and Paper Test Prep
  • 9 Vocabulary Tests
  • 8 Verbal Comprehension Tests
  • 10 Spelling And Grammar Tests
  • 5 Clerical Skills Test
  • 16 Numerical Reasoning Tests
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Included in our all-inclusive PrepPacks, you will find a variety of aptitude tests, split up into several sections which each test for a different skill and capability. You will find 9 vocabulary tests, some of which cover antonyms and synonyms. The 8 verbal comprehension tests assess for reading comprehension and paragraph organisation skills. Additional exams include 10 spelling and grammar tests, 5 clerical skills tests as well as 16 numerical reasoning tests. 

Who is This PrepPack™ For?

This PrepPack™ is designed for applicants who are eligible for sub-professional positions and first level positions. This includes jobs which require less than four years of a college education, such as trade, clerical, and custodial service positions.