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Have you submitted an application to a nursing university course or a job interview? All universities and some nursing jobs require you to pass a nursing numeracy and literacy test in order to gain a place on a course, or be offered that job. Learn more about these tests and prepare with JobTestPrep’s tailored resources.
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Getting a place on any nursing and midwifery university course in the UK requires you to pass a set of nursing numeracy and literacy tests. These tests are administered online, usually at a testing centre, and you must pass these tests to be invited for an interview for the scheme you want a place on. The exact test you will be asked to take depends on the university you are applying to, but here at JobTestPrep we have practice numeracy and English Nursing tests to suit all your needs.

Nursing Numeracy Test

Skills tested: Your ability to understand numerical information and calculate answers to the types of questions you can expect in your day to day jobs.

Calculations required:

  • addition, subtraction, division, multiplication
  • decimals
  • fractions
  • percentages
  • ratios
  • using a calculator

Question types: mental arithmetic, calculations, short word problems, drug calculations.

The nursing maths test is an online test designed to see how well you can work with the types of numbers you use every day as a nurse. You are given a set of questions to answer quickly, ranging from mental arithmetic questions with just calculation to a word problem which sets out a scenario for you to read and then work out the answer. You are usually given a calculator to answer questions, where you are not allowed, you will be told in advance.

This test is timed, usually with over a minute allocated to answer each question. This is plenty of time, but the time limit is designed to put you under pressure and see how well you can cope with it. Make sure you practice for your nursing maths test to increase your confidence and ensure that you answer questions quickly and accurately, and achieve that all important passing score. Get your nursing numeracy test practice with our specially created pack, which includes study guides, video tutorials and drills to ensure you ace your test!

Learn more about the nursing numeracy test with example and tips and get our nursing numeracy practice pack!

Nursing Literacy Test

  • Tests: Your understanding and command of written English.
  • Skills: spelling, grammar and punctuation, ability to identify the correct information in a text.
  • Question types: synonyms and antonyms, completing sentences, correcting spelling and grammar, text based comprehension questions.

The English nursing test is designed to test how well you can understand written English, including instructions, sentences, accuracy of note taking and more. Depending on the university you are applying to, you may expect a very different literacy test. For some universities this test includes a paragraph of text and questions on what you have read to check your understanding. Other tests involve questions asking you to complete the sentence, or choose the word that is opposite or the same as another word.

This test is also timed, usually between 20 and 30 minutes, with over a minute allocated to each question. In this test you need to be able to understand what you have read quickly and correctly in order to complete the task. Practising the different skills needed, refreshing your memory on spelling tricks and rules, grammar and common words will help you improve your score in the real test. Our nursing literacy test practice is designed to give you the confidence to answer the different types of questions.

Read more about the nursing literacy test: examples, tips and tricks and get our nursing literacy practice pack! Looking for more practice with English aptitude tests? See our English language test page and pack.

Next Stages

Once you have successfully passed your nursing literacy and numeracy test, the final stage before you are offered a place on one of the nursing courses is an interview. For some universities this may be a series of interviews known as multiple mini interviews or MMI. Ahead of your interview day, read up on your nursing course, what they are looking for, and tips on how to approach an interview. Think carefully about your answers to common questions such as why do you want to become a nurse, which area do you want to specialise in, and more.

Prepare For Your Test

Preparation for your literacy and numeracy test for nursing is extremely important, and if you don’t pass it you have not passed the first stage in becoming a nurse. JobTestPrep’s specially created practice numeracy and literacy tests for nursing pack is specially created to give you all the preparation you need.

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