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Numerical Critical Reasoning Tests Vs Numerical Reasoning Tests

What is the difference between these two tests? They are both numerically based, they are both generally timed, they may both allow use of a calculator, and they share many other characteristics. If so, what is the difference between them apart from in name?

The answer is the definition of the word “critical”. This word means that you are not simply being tested on your actual mathematical skills and knowledge. Rather, you are assessed on your ability to manipulate information; drawing inferences from the facts you are given, using them to calculate the correct answer.

This is very different from a standard numerical reasoning test where you simply need to find the correct information and use it to make the necessary calculations.

In a numerical reasoning test, the big point is that you do not need to make that extra step to reach the answer.

This is why numerical critical reasoning tests are so much more difficult that standard numerical tests. Not only do they evaluate your ability to work with numbers but they also test your logical deduction and critical reasoning and thinking skills.

What is a Numerical Critical Reasoning Test?

In numerical critical reasoning tests , you are ordinarily presented with tables or charts often packed with information although you can be given word problems as well that are often algebra based. You have to carefully analyse this information, look at the question and work out the answer. You will need a calculator to complete the calculation. There are in fact, often a number of different calculations that you need to complete in a logical pattern using deduction skills in order to arrive at the correct answer.

In short, the questions on numerical critical reasoning tests are not simple. You need to know how to use calculators efficiently and quickly in order to start the question in the correct fashion.

There are generally two types of numerical critical reasoning tests. The first and most popular style presents you with a number of tables that you have to use to find the correct information needed and then use your deductive skills in order to answer the questions.

A further type of numerical critical reasoning test is where you are given a number of sentences or a short passage and you have to work calculate the correct answer.

Who do they assess?

Numerical critical reasoning tests are used to assess a variety of applicants for positions such as: junior management, upper management, graduate positions, supervisory roles and professionals. The underlying skills needed to succeed in these positions are numerical competency along with an ability to use the information in a productive manner in order to make logical, reasoned decisions. These are key traits for anyone who has to manage projects and personnel in a professional capacity.

What do you need to master a Numerical Critical Reasoning Test?

Numerical critical reasoning tests are among the hardest psychometric tests around today. In essence, the numerical critical reasoning test is used to find out if you have the requisite mathematical skills for the position you are applying for and can use them to make correct deductions that are needed to make analytic decisions.

In order to pass these tests you need to show that you can concentrate for a sustained period of time and cope with pressure. This is substantiated by the fact that the tests are short, usually only around 20 minutes in length but at the same time there are a high number of questions.

Therefore you need to demonstrate a high level of concentration for a short period of time. This is actually hard to do; particularly as in the past you have taken two to four hour long examinations where such a high level of concentration isn’t necessary in order to complete the exam in the time given. As opposed to long exams, where you are being tested on your actual knowledge alone, numerical critical reasoning tests assess your ability to work under pressure as well. This is in fact one of the hardest aspects of psychometric tests.

Preparing for Success

In order to get familiar with popular questions that are likely to appear on a numerical critical reasoning test, you can either take our free numerical testcontinue reading about data interpretation, as well as study with the deductive reasoning. Preparation is key for success on the numerical critical reasoning test. Prepare with our tests today to catapult you to success on the test. 

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