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So, is this an in-tray or an e-tray practice pack?

We are often asked whether this pack is suitable for both in-tray and e-tray exercises or only for one of them. The answer is that our practice materials are designed to simulate the format of paper-based in-tray exercises. As such, they are different from the computerised e-tray exercises, which are more dynamic and resemble real-life work environment. However, since both types of exercises asses the same set of skills (problem solving, time management, decision making, etc.), our practice materials can be of great benefit in preparing for both in-tray and e-tray exercises.

A little more about our practice pack

  • We provide printable versions of the documents attached to the exercises. Those who wish to have the documents opened on their computer can do that too. 
  • The questions can only be answered online, as we want you to get a real score for your performance by our system.
  • The online part of our exercise makes sure you do the test under REAL time limitations, which is probably one of the most important aspects of this practice. 
  • As an in-tray exercise may require you to write your suggested solutions, you can still do this, by looking at our questions, writing down the answers, and then referring to our suggested solutions to see if they match. 
  • The tests are not similar to the format of e-tray exercises as seen at employers' assessments. They are, however, based online so that questions, score reports and time limits will simulate an online environment.
  • This is the only practice pack that includes score reports and solutions in a smart and friendly online environment, complete with beginners and advanced levels.

Good luck,

JTP Team

The JTP Advantage

We value our customer feedback and rely on you to make improvements to our tests. We take all feedback into account and we adapt and develop our materials accordingly. Read more about it here >>

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