In-Tray Exercise and Case Study Practice Bundle - JobTestPrep
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What You'll Get

  • 2 case study exercises - similar to the process at real assessment centres
  • 2 in-tray exercises
  • Detailed explanations and presentation tips
  • Self-evaluation forms
  • Comprehensive study guides
  • Money back guarantee - see terms and conditions


Even in today's world of digital testing, written exercises still make up a key component in the selection process of many top employers. With this practice pack you get a chance to review and internalize the universal concepts that underpin two of the most popular written exercises: case studies and in-tray exercises. While sharing much in common, those exercises evaluate distinct skills and the review of both could give you better tools at the pre and post steps of your job acquisition. This pack is completely available online, which makes it easier to practice and review the materials within. 

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