Learn About and Prepare for the HFMtalentindex Tests

HFMtalentindex provides a variety of assessment tests which portray test-takers’ competencies, intelligence, learning abilities and drives.  They use advanced techniques to detect the qualities that make for an outstanding employee with professional and practical online assessments. HFM also offers customised programmes and reports so that companies can hire the most competent employees and correctly place talented individuals based on their performance, development and talent analytics.

What is the HFMtalentindex?

HFMtalentindex was founded in 1997 and is a leading provider in Talent Assessment, Talent Development, Talent Performance and Talent Analytic assessments. They run over 300,000 assessments a year and they offer an innovative system to help organisations benefit from their peoples’ talents through an HR process. HFMtalentindex uses professional tools to locate and place talented individuals based on their performance, development and talent analytics. With HFMtalentindex, each participant has their own portfolio available in many languages, so that companies can easily keep track of one’s progress and competencies. HFMtalentindex differentiates itself from others by also offering organisations an all-inclusive view into individual’s assets, as well as those of teams.

HFMtalentindex Test

HFMtalentindex offers several assessment methods which allow employers to keep track of their employees’ performance and gain insight into how to enhance their teams. The HFM test process helps employers hire well-suited candidates based on their success factors, teamwork capabilities, skills, intelligence, communication, competency management and more. The Team Creator offers efficient guidance into the effectiveness of a manager’s team to help them achieve results. The People Qualities Dashboard offers a layout for professional planning and reviews. HFMtalentindex also provides a competency language that is inclusive, convenient and easy to comprehend.

What Are the Different Tests and Assessments that HFM Provide?

HFM assessment tests are split up into two test packages, the VIT and the SIT. The VIT package includes the verbal aptitude, logical reasoning ability, numerical reasoning and mathematical aptitude tests. HFMtalentindex may also set up the VIT tests as individual exams for the Specific Intelligence Test (SIT). SIT may also include the abstract reasoning test.

The HFMtalentindex intelligence section consists of logical reasoning ability, verbal aptitude, numerical reasoning, mathematical aptitude, abstract reasoning and spatial aptitude tests. Other HFMtalentindex assessment tests include the motivations test, the personality measurement and the Competency Assessment System (CAS).

HFMtalentindex Motivations Test

Other HFMtalentindex assessment tests include the motivations test. The motivations test begins each question with "In my work, I want ...", followed by two answers that one may think is important to them in their work. The aim of this test is to assess individuals’ fit for the role they wish to apply for and which job position will satisfy their career goals. This exam evaluates one’s career drives, helping employers locate candidates’ preferred roles, drives and values. This HFM test assesses employees based on how passionate they are about the job in question, to ensure their commitment and dedication.

HFMtalentindex Personality Measurement

The personality measurement asks test-takers to specify which statements they agree or disagree with to determine their personality traits. This test is based on the Big Five model known as OCEAN, which evaluates five core traits. These traits are Openness, Conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and neurotic-ism. The goal of this test is to discover candidates’ desired behaviour for the job. The test’s results give an overview and explanation of each person’s personality factor.

HFMtalentindex Competency Assessment System (CAS)

The Competency Assessment System (CAS) provides a complete outline of test-takers’ strengths and weaknesses in a multitude of work-related areas. Each ability in their personal profile displays how capable they are in specific fields and whether they are able to further develop that competency.

HFMtalentindex Abstract Reasoning Test

This HFMtalentindex test measures one’s ability to work easily with non-concrete data and come up with solutions. Performing well on this test displays one’s analytical and conceptual-thinking capacity. Each of the test’s questions include a row of shapes which candidates must use to find a rational pattern through inductive reasoning. Afterwards, the test-taker must find the accurate missing shape in the pattern.

HFMtalentindex Intelligence Test

The HFMtalentindex intelligence test is given to indicate one’s level of intellectual ability since intelligence is a crucial predictor of job performance and cognitive abilities. These tests allow companies to discover whether candidates truly possess the necessary cognitive capabilities. There are several different levels of testing. The capacities tests can be administered to senior secondary vocational, higher professional and university education levels. Test-takers’ overall scores are compared against an average group’s scores at the same level. HFMtalentindex’s VIT package provides managers with a complete picture of each candidate’s intellectual ability from several intelligence tests, such as:

Abstract reasoning skills: This test uses patterns and images to measure one’s ability to work well with unfamiliar information and to find analytical and conceptual solutions through inductive reasoning.

Numerical reasoning skill: This exam requires candidates to locate the missing number in a specified sequence by determining the patterns. Another name for these tests is the number sequence tests.

Logical reasoning skills: This test measures one’s ability to come up with logical conclusions and to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of arguments. Candidates are also asked to complete scenarios using unfinished information.

Mathematical skills: This test assesses candidates’ numerical aptitude by evaluating how fast and efficiently one solves problems. Applicants are advised to manage their time carefully and move on to the next question if they feel stumped.

Verbal ability: This test presents applicants with an analogy which requires them to choose the correct missing words. Each analogy is essentially a word problem made up of two pairs of words which are related. Applicants must complete the second pair by choosing the second word related to the first word.

Tips to Help You Take the HFMtalentindex Assessment

In order to do well during the HFM test process, you must first aim to understand the reason behind the assessment itself. Pinpoint the traits, skills and competencies being evaluated and know what they are looking for so you can perform well. You should also come prepared by researching the HFM assessment tests and practising with study guides and answer explanations made available to you. Above all, be yourself. By feeling confident and self-assured you will be able to adapt and find the best job position that suits you.

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