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FactSet Interview Process

  • Stage 1: This round may include a written coding test along with other psychometry tests where you will be given several questions on coding.
  • Stage 2 & 3: In these stages you will face two interviewers for technical interview discussions. Each should which should last for a duration of 30 minutes.
  • Stage 4: In the final stage with HR you will be presented with a number of tasks like solving complex puzzles, which will help the company better understand your skills sets.

FactSet Interview Questions

  • Do you know how to reverse a string?
  • Can you explain a EPS?
  • If you had to explain supply and demand to a child, how would you do it?

Prepare for the FactSet Hiring Process with JobTestPrep

With JobTestPrep FactSet applicants may prepare for their employment or FactSet internship assessment by tracking their progress while practising with the help of our lucid study guides and answer keys. Because we want to extend our assistance beyond the examination stage of the FactSet’s hiring process, we have also added to our exclusive PrepPack™ a specifically designed interview preparation kit. Start your FactSet recruitment process today and sail through your pre-employment assessments with confidence.


FactSet Test

Here are several tests that Factset will administer throughout the hiring process.

Numerical Reasoning Exam

FactSet numerical assessments will cover concepts and material you may not have used for many years. Even if you are feeling confident in taking a numerical assessments, it is advisable for you to practise in order to improve on your analytical and numerical comprehension skills prior to taking the test.

Verbal Reasoning Exam

There are three basic types of the Verbal Reasoning Test. On the basic Verbal Reasoning Test, you will be asked to identify word analogies, complete sentences, or choose a synonym or antonym for an underlined word. The more complex kind of the test invites you to read a text and make logical conclusions about it. Make sure you come prepared.

Logical Reasoning Exam

This Test assess your capability to make correct conclusions and assumptions using the information presented in a sequence. Generally, this test will be used alongside other Kenexa psychometric tests, such as Kenexa verbal reasoning test and the Kenexa numerical reasoning test.


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