As with any leading assessment company, Cubiks' verbal tests differ according to the industries and job profiles of their clients. Below we will briefly cover these tests and refer you to our level-specific practice resources.

Graduate/Management Verbal Reasoning Tests

  • Test duration: 20 minutes
  • Number of items: 42

These are passage based tests, in which questions require you to draw conclusions and inferences from the text. The most common type of question format is true/false/cannot say, and in some cases the questions could comprise a statement with 4 answer options, as seen on the MI5 verbal reasoning test.

Other Verbal Ability Tests

Cubiks also offer cognitive ability tests, in which the verbal section comprises only part of the entire test. Grammar, English proficiency and basic reasoning skills are the main concern of the verbal part of the test. For example, Cubiks' problem solving and Logika tests include the following question types:

  • Verbal analogies – Presented with statements and the candidate is asked to decide whether there is a true analogy, a false one, or neither.
  • Pairs of concepts – Two words are provided and the candidate has to decide whether they have the same meaning or not.
  • Deviation from category – Presented with five different words, the candidate has to choose the odd one out.
  • Antonyms/synonyms – Given five different words, the candidate has to select the word that is the opposite or similar in meaning to the subject word. Practice these tests here.

Cubiks Verbal Test Tips

  • Verbal ability, and your comprehension, can be improved through practice. Simply taking practice tests and having exposure to the types of questions, can relax you and improve your confidence.
  • The key elements to prepare for when preparing for a verbal reasoning test are: accuracy in answering questions, the speed at which you answer (most verbal reasoning tests are time limited), and understanding the passage and how to answer the questions.
  • Read the entire question, then read the text
  • Answers are found within the text - you won't need prior knowledge. 
  • Know the test is more than likely going to be timed, but just try to do your best. 

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What's Included

  • 7 Cubiks-style verbal reasoning tests
  • Additional practice drills
  • Video Tutorials
  • Timed tests with score reports, answers & solving tips
  • Detailed explanations
  • Secured payment
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