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Business Support Verbal Reasoning Tests

  • Test duration: 20 minutes
  • # of items: 44
  • Target groups: Sales, Support, Technical, General Staff

The questions in these tests mostly require you to summarize or locate information in a passage, with less emphasis on analysis or logical reasoning.

Please note that Cubiks has recently switched from utilising Reasoning for Business tests to the Cubiks Logiks suite. These tests are available on our Logiks page. Unless instructed by your potential employer otherwise, you should prepare for Cubiks Logiks. You can read more about our Cubiks online test resources on our dedicated page.

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What's Included

  • 5 Cubiks RfB-style verbal reasoning tests
  • Additional practice drills
  • Timed tests with score reports, answers & solving tips
  • Video tutorials for Verbal Reasoning
  • Secured payment
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