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If you want to ace PiCompany’s Connector Ability test and get your dream job, you should know that the job search is competitive, so many employers utilise a testing process like Connector Ability to measure prospective candidates' mental ability.

You may be wondering how you can prepare for a test when you don't know what it looks like or how high you'll score. Don’t worry, at JobTestPrep we have simulated PiCompany practice tests and the resources you need to succeed!


Connector Ability Test
  • 11 Series of Figures tests
  • 10 Series of Numbers
  • 11 matrices tests

What Is the Connector Ability Test?

The Connector Ability is a cognitive ability test created by PiCompany. This assessment aims to measure the G-factor—general intelligence, which is considered one of the best predictors of job performance. The Connector Ability test is essentially used to evaluate candidates' ability to analyse complex relationships and solve complex problems.

The Connector Ability assessment is administered online, and scrap paper is the only other material that can be used, as calculators and other devices are not permitted during this assessment. These tests are adaptive, with each question being timed individually, and modifies the number of questions each time an answer is given until it is possible to determine one’s problem-solving ability.


Which Tests Are Found on the Connector Ability Test?

PiCompany’s Connector Ability includes three different subtests:

  1. Series of Figures - This subtest examines how well you can solve logical reasoning problems.
  2. Matrices - This subtest assesses whether you can adequately analyse and find figures to complete a given matrix.
  3. Series of Numbers - This subtest is used to determine your ability to evaluate and find the relationship between sets of numbers.

Connector Ability Sample Questions

Here are some sample questions so you can see what the questions look like on the real test. The answers are filled in for you.

Series of Numbers

Which number logically completes the series?

121 132  127  138  ?

Series of Figures

Which figure logically completes the series?

The correct answer is (A). In this question, there are two different shapes changing locations in a pattern. The triangle is moving clockwise from corner to corner. The circle is moving counter-clockwise, touching each mid-side of the square. The next logical figure is the same as the original figure, since the next step of the triangle is the top-left corner and the next step of the circle is the bottom side of the square, which is answer (A).


Which figure logically completes this matrix (bottom right)?



The correct answer is (D). In the above matrix (from left to right):

Both across the rows and down the columns, the shapes and colours in each figure change in a systematic way. The shape pattern is square, circle, diamond. The colour pattern is white, lined, black. The answer must follow the above patterns.

What Happens If I Achieve a High Score on the Test?

Once you complete taking your Connector Ability test, your scores will be compared against those of other candidates who possess a similar level of education. Thus, achieving a high score on the Connector Ability proves your high intelligence to your future employers. Receiving a high score helps you stand out and move up on the candidates list, making you a more desirable hire.


What Are the Challenges to Passing?

Since the Connector Ability test (IQ) is adaptive, the difficulty level of the questions may vary from person to person. The more difficult the questions become, the more those candidates with high Iq scores will be able to shine and be noticed during the hiring process. Therefore, practising before taking this PiCompany intelligence test is essential. JobTestPrep has worked hard to help you prepare by creating this customised Connector Ability PrepPack™ for you.


Connector Ability Test FAQs

If you aren’t sure what the correct answer is, taking a guess is the best way to go. This is because you won’t have points deducted for any wrong answers you give, so you can only benefit if your guess is correct. 

This assessment can take up to an hour to complete, which includes the time it takes to read the instructions and review the explanations. 

Practice is key when aiming to enhance your test-taking abilities and learning how to ace this exam. By preparing with our simulated PiCompany Connector Ability-style practice tests, you can familiarise yourself with the test format and receive in-depth answer explanations.

Prepare for the Connector Ability

Today's job market is very competitive, and prospective employers will use every tool available with which to make the correct hiring decision. Scoring high will give you a competitive edge and increase your chances of being hired so that you can enjoy your new career. JobTestPrep is currently developing a complete Connector Ability PrepPack™ with comprehensive practice tests, detailed explanations, study guides, and tips.

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