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What Is the Connector Ability Test?

The Connector Ability, a cognitive ability test created by PiCompany, measures the G-factor—general intelligence. General intelligence is considered one of the best predictors of job performance. The Connector Ability test measures job candidates' ability to analyse complex relationships and problem solve. This is great for candidates as hiring decisions are therefore made according to performance, and not according to gender, age, culture, or educational background. Taking this test allows your prospective employer to learn your intelligence level and thus hire you based solely on that criterion.

Format of the Connector Ablility

  • Adaptive
  • Measures intelligence in a variety of subjects
  • Not language-based – can be taken by anyone, regardless of background
  • Comprised of several different types of questions:

    – Series of numbers: analyzing relationship between numbers

    – Series of figures: logical reasoning

    – Matrices: analyzing complicated relationships

  • 1.5 minutes per question, but speed is not a factor in scoring
  • Scored using a percentile bell curve – the difference between an average score and a great score may be measured by only a few points

What Happens If I Achieve a High Score on the Test?

Achieving a high score on the Connector Ability proves your high intelligence to your future employers. You will stand out and move up the candidates list, making you a more desirable hire.

What Are the Challenges to Passing?

The Connector Ability is a cognitive ability test (IQ). It is also adaptive, so the levels of the questions may vary from person to person. Some of the questions are designed to be difficult, allowing those with a high IQ to shine. Practising before taking the test is essential, and that is why JobTestPrep is working hard to create a PrepPack™ for you.

Connector Ability Sample Questions

Here are some sample questions so you can see what the questions look like on the real test. The answers are filled in for you.

Series of Numbers

Which number logically completes the series?

121 132  127  138  ?


The correct answer is (B). The pattern of the series is (121)+ 11 – 5 + 11. Therefore, the next logical number in the series is 138 – 5, which is 133.

Series of Figures

Which figure logically completes the series?


The correct answer is (A). In this question, there are two different shapes changing locations in a pattern. The triangle is moving clockwise from corner to corner. The circle is moving counter-clockwise, touching each mid-side of the square. The next logical figure is the same as the original figure, since the next step of the triangle is the top-left corner and the next step of the circle is the bottom side of the square, which is answer (A).


Which figure logically completes this matrix (bottom right)?



The correct answer is (D). In the above matrix (from left to right):

Both across the rows and down the columns, the shapes and colours in each figure change in a systematic way. The shape pattern is square, circle, diamond. The colour pattern is white, lined, black. The answer must follow the above patterns.

Preparing for the Connector Ability

Today's job market is very competitive, and prospective employers will use every tool available with which to make the correct hiring decision. That is why practising in advance for the Connector Ability is essential. Scoring high will give you a competitive edge and increase your chances of being hired so that you can enjoy your new career.

JobTestPrep is currently developing a complete Connector Ability PrepPack™ with comprehensive practice tests, detailed explanations, study guides, and tips.

PiCompany Tests

PiCompany is a global assessment company that offers materials for many aspects of the hiring process:

  • The Connector Ability test is a general intelligence test that measures cognitive abilities.
  • The Connector Big Five Personality test is a personality questionnaire that assesses five different areas of personality.
  • The Reflector Big Five Personality test is a science-based personality test. It can detect 24 facets of behaviour, attitudes, and ways of thinking.

You can start prepping with the Personality Test Sample.

Connector Ability Subscription

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