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About JobtestPrep's Coca-Cola PrepPack

Coca-Cola Enterprises is the Coca-Cola company covering all aspects of Coke in the UK and Europe. Coca-Cola is always on the lookout for new talent, be it in experienced hires, the Coca-Cola graduate programme, or the University Talent Programme. The exact assessments you may experience will depend on the role you are applying to, but recruitment for all tracks with Coca-Cola Enterprises follows some of the same steps. Learn more about these assessments and how to prepare for success with JobTestPrep.

On this page we follow the Coca-Cola graduate scheme process, so applicants to other jobs will want to follow the links in the order that applies to them.

Coca-Cola and Leadership

Leadership is one of Coca-Cola’s buzzwords. They are looking for each and every one of their employees to be a future leader. You must take the opportunity in every assessment to demonstrate your leadership credentials to the recruitment team.

Coca-Cola Application

The first stage is the Coca-Cola online application. For most Coca-Cola jobs, this involves uploading your CV filled with relevant information about you and your work experience that makes you suitable for the job that you are applying to. For some positions, you may also need to upload a cover letter or answer a set of competency or motivational questions. Read your application carefully and make sure to provide all the information the recruitment team is looking for.

Coca-Cola Online Test

For many graduate positions, the psychometric and ability tests are sent out once your application has been received. This may differ from other programmes, and not all recruitment processes will involve tests. The exact tests you will take also depend on the position you have applied to, but here we describe some of the more common tests.

Coca-Cola Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning tests assess your ability to apply numerical information in your job. Most jobs require you to understand some form of numerical information, be it a table, graph, or figures placed in a report. In this test, you are given one or more pieces of information and three to four multiple choice questions on each set of information. You must be able to calculate basic functions, percentages, or currencies in order to identify the correct answer from the list of options. In addition, this test is timed, allowing you around a minute per answer, creating an added layer of pressure to the test. The best way to combat this pressure is to take practice tests, sharpening your skills and improving your confidence. Prepare with our range of tailored numerical reasoning practice packs.

Coca-Cola Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning tests examine how well you understand and use written information. On this test, you are given a short text to read and a series of questions to answer on what you have read. These questions may be either true, false or cannot say, or multiple choice questions asking you to verify a statement on the text. All answers must be based on what you have read in the text only. This test is also timed, and you will want to avoid using up too much time reading texts or searching what you have read for the correct answer. Learn more about how to identify the correct answer and practice taking this test with the Coca-Cola practice pack.

Coca-Cola Personality Test

Some applicants may be asked to take a personality test or a similar test which looks at how you work, your motivations, or values. The aim of this test is for Coca-Cola to assess how well you fit in with the company values and job description for the role you are applying to. Although there are no wrong answers, taking an advance look at how this test is structured and the types of questions asked will help you present yourself most accurately in the real test.


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Coca-Cola Screening

This may be the first stage of your recruitment process after you have submitted your application, or it may come after the online tests. There are also two different formats this screening stage may take. The first is a phone conversation with a member of the recruitment team talking about you and your motivations for applying for this job. The second is a video interview. The aim of this round is to allow the recruitment team to learn more about you before they recommend you are invited to the Coca-Cola assessment centre.

Coca-Cola Video Interview

Applicants to the Coke graduate programme may be invited to record a video interview. In this interview, you are sent a link to a set of pre-recorded questions. You are given a minute or two to prepare your answer, and up to five minutes to record your answer via webcam. The focus of this interview is your skills and what you can offer to Coca-Cola.

Ahead of the interview think of examples from your previous experience that illustrates your skills. Learn the STAR method and how to apply it to any answer. Read up on Coca-Cola Enterprises, as well as the values they look for in their employees and the specific requirements of the job you are applying to. Remember that you are sitting this interview in your home, so you can prepare yourself a cheat sheet with points to remember in the interview. Example questions that have been asked at this stage before now can be seen below.

Before you sit down to your interview don’t forget to check that your webcam and microphone work, and rehearse delivering answers onto a screen and the impression that you give over.

Coca-Cola Telephone Interview Questions

  • Describe a situation where you had influenced an individual to change their mind or behaviour.
  • What skills do you think your role will require and why?
  • Why did you apply for this particular department?
  • Tell me about a time you demonstrated leadership.


If you are successful at all the stages so far, you are next invited to the Coca Cola Enterprises assessment centre.


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