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Coca-Cola Amatil is the Australian arm of the Coca-Cola Company. They offer a range of jobs for both experienced hires and the Coca-Cola graduate program. Recruitment to all positions is challenging as there are a number of different assessments to pass in order to get the job offer you want. The exact recruitment process may vary by position. This page sets out the most common stages to the process. You will be told which assessments to expect ahead of each stage.

Coca-Cola Amatil Behaviours

Coca-Cola Australia work to a set of values. The company’s aim is to be an organisation where great people do great things together. The following behaviours are important to Coca-Cola, and you should aim to demonstrate them at each stage of the recruitment process.

  • Empowering: I trust you to do your job.
  • Communicative: I hear how it is; I say it how it is.
  • Customer-centric: The customers’ business is my business.
  • Initiating: I am proactive and positive.
  • Collaborative: CCA first, my team second.

Coca-Cola Australia Application

The first step of your Coca-Cola journey is the online application. You need to fill in your information about your education and work history and how you suit the profile that Coca-Cola are looking for. Ensure that you complete every part of the application, and plan out your answers.

Coca-Cola Online Aptitude Tests

Applicants to the Coca-Cola graduate program are sent a set of online tests immediately after you have submitted your application. These tests are provided by CEB SHL. There are three initial tests: numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning. Once you have passed these, you are sent a personality test.

Other applicants may be invited to take these tests at any point in the recruitment process. In addition, some applicants to technical positions may receive an invitation to a mechanical reasoning test.

Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning test assesses your ability to use numerical information to inform your work. On this test you are given information in a table, graph or chart and asked a set of multiple choice questions to answer using the information you have in front of you. In order to answer the question you have to be able to understand and calculate percentages, ratios and fractions as well as the basic mathematical functions. Learn more about this test, the time you have to take it, and how to sharpen your skills with our SHL-style numerical reasoning test practice pack.

Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning tests examine how well you can understand and apply written information in a text format. On this test you are given a paragraph or two of text to read and asked questions on the information contained. Questions take the format of a statement that you need to assess as true, false, or you cannot say based on what you have read, or of a set of statements that you need to assess for their validity against the text. This test has tight timescales, with less than a minute allowed per question. Prepare for this test, improve your speed reading skills and learn how to answer questions with our SHL-style verbal reasoning test practice pack.

Logical Reasoning Test

The logical reasoning test is a non-verbal test designed to assess your problem solving skills. On the logical reasoning test you are given a series of shapes linked together by a pattern. Your task is to identify this connection and pick out the shape that continues the sequence from a set of options. Gain tips and practice tests and improve your score with our SHL-style logical reasoning test practice.

Personality Test

The personality test is used by Coca-Cola to assess how well you fit the person profile for a job with Coca-Cola. The aim of the test is to create a profile of who you are and your values by asking you to identify features of your personality. Familiarise yourself with this type of test and how you can answer it to best represent yourself with our personality test practice pack.

Mechanical Reasoning Test

Some applicants to technical positions may be invited to take a mechanical reasoning test. On this test you are evaluated on your knowledge and understanding of mechanical processes such as levers, pulleys and gears, forces and motion and energy. Learn more about the types of questions you may receive, refresh your memory and sharpen your skills with our SHL-style mechanical reasoning test practice pack.

Coca-Cola Phone Interview

If you have successfully passed the Coca-Cola online tests, the next stage is a short phone interview with a member of the recruitment team. The aim of this interview is to get more of a feeling about you and the information in your application. Ahead of the interview, review your application to refresh your memory of what is written there. You may also want to consider some examples of where you have demonstrated the skills in the CCA behaviours. Read up on CCA and the specific work of the area you have applied to. Calm some of those pre-interview nerves with our free guide to interviews.

Coca-Cola Assessment Center

The next stage for graduates is the Coca-Cola assessment center. Applicants to other roles may also be invited to an assessment center in the recruitment process. Assessment centres vary for each role. You are told ahead of the day what to expect, but here we describe some of the more common exercises.

Role Play

Role play exercises assess how well you respond in situations you can expect in your everyday life at Coca-Cola. In this assessment you are asked to act out a scenario against a role play actor or one of the assessment team. Gain tips on how to approach a role play with our role play exercise page.

Group Activity

In this exercise you are split into smaller groups and given a task to carry out. Throughout the exercise you are marked by a team of assessors who are watching you for your skills against the required behaviours, your team working and the quality of your contributions. Group exercises can be a delicate balance, so prepare your strategy in advance with our group exercises tips and package.

Case Study

Some graduate program assessment centres include a Coca-Cola case study exercise. Other applicants may find that this is part of the later final interview. In a case study exercise you are given some materials to read and a task to carry out using the information you have been given. Case studies are designed to assess your ability to pick out relevant information and apply it to a wider piece of work, as well as often your written skills in a work-related assignment. Learn more about how to approach a case study and tips to help you get through it all with our case study preparation resources.


The Coca-Cola presentation may be linked to the case study, or a stand-alone exercise. The point of a presentation is to assess your verbal communication skills. Your aim in the presentation is to give over the most important information, to organise how you present it well, and to make an impression with a strong and confident delivery. Gain tips on how to do this with our presentation advice pages.

Coca-Cola Interview

Face-to-face interviews are a part of every Coca-Cola selection. In your interview, you can expect a variety of questions including role-specific questions; questions that explore your functional/technical skills; and behavioural questions which ask you to demonstrate competencies you have used in your previous roles through examples.

Prepare thoroughly ahead of your interview. Review your resume and the information you put in your application. Think of examples from your previous experience that can be used to answer a range of questions. Think of specific examples for the Coca-Cola behaviours. Read up on Coca-Cola Amatil, their latest reports and projects, some headline and non-headline products, and specifically the area you are applying to. You will also want to draft answers to common questions and organise all your answers using STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result). Once you have completed all your preparation, the final step is to rehearse giving over your answers. You can do this with our interview preparation service.

In Summary

Coca-Cola Amatil is an exciting place to work, offering a range of opportunities for graduates and experienced workers alike. However, in order to get your opportunity, you must impress through a set of challenging recruitment assessments. This page has set out the different tests and tasks you may expect, and how to prepare for them. We hope you have found this page useful, and wish you good luck.


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