Skill Tests: Programming Aptitude Test, Microsoft Office Test & Clerical Test

Unlike the aptitude tests mentioned in previous section, skill-based tests do require prior knowledge of concepts associated with a particular field. For example, many companies are looking to hire candidates with specific knowledge in various computer programs and programming aptitude test.
Skill Tests: Programming Aptitude Test, Microsoft Office Test & Clerical Test

Microsoft Office Assessments

The modern workplace requires employees to have a good working knowledge of many commonly used computer programmes such as Microsoft Office. Companies like Kenexa (Prove It! testing) have developed assessments designed to test your knowledge in key programmes such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and Access. Depending on the job you are applying for, these tests may play a crucial role in determining if you are the right person for the job. For more on Excel test for interview, visit our dedicated page.

Computer Programming Tests

Many jobs require employees to be familiar with various computer programming languages, such as C++, Go, PHP, Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Python, and SQL. The type of questions you will be asked can vary as some tests will ask you to identify the language used in a line of code. Other questions may ask you to spot an error in a line of code provided, and you can learn more about this type of test by visiting our syntax checking page. A third type of question may ask you to identify the outcome of various pieces of code. These are very technical tests which require a solid understanding of computer programming that is often crucial for the job in question.

Clerical Skill Tests

Another skill set to be tested can be clerical/admin skills. These could take the form of document checking abilities, typing speed and accuracy. Learn more about this test by visiting our clerical and personnel test battery page.

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