Practice B2C-style Numerical Critical Reasoning Tests

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B2C-style practice
  • 10 B2C-style tests
  • 6 additional numeracy practice tests
  • 8 numerical foundation drills (averages, ratios and more)
  • 17 video tutorials & study guides - numerical reasoning explained
  • Comprehensive explanations and solving tips
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The B2C numerical reasoning test assess your ability to understand information given to you in a numerical format. This test measures your ability to analyse numerical information by making calculations and answering a set of multiple choice questions. Questions in this test focus on every day number questions you can expect when working in a fictitious music store. You can use a calculator in this test to help you work out the answers.

The JobTestPrep B2C-style practice pack offers the best preparation ahead of your B2C numerical test, with 10 practice tests, timed according to the B2C Numerical standards, with detailed explanations and score reports.