Practise for the Amazon Seller Support Assessments

Getting accepted for a Seller Support position at Amazon requires you to pass challenging assessments. For that, you can study with our comprehensive PrepPack™ that offers many tests, tutorials and other materials.

Amazon Seller Support
  • 2 full-length Pearson-style Watson Glaser practice tests (in 3 different scoring norms)
  • 7 Inferences practice tests
  • 3 Assumptions Practice tests
  • 5 Deduction Practice tests
  • 4 Interpretation Practice
  • 4 Arguments Practice
  • 14 Study guides and video tutorials
  • Interview preparation
  • Money back guarantee 

Our PrepPack™ covers Pearson's Watson Glaser tests, as well as inferences, assumptions, deduction, interpretation and arguments tests, tutorials, guides and an interview preparation.