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This pack was developed by JobTestPrep to help you prepare for both the Amazon online assessments and the Amazon tests you can encounter in your interview.

The Amazon preparation materials in this pack are suitable for candidates applying for the grad scheme or internship, or for any other graduate job or junior managerial position at the company. If you are applying for senior managerial roles, check out our dedicated page for relevant preparation materials.

The pack includes preparation resources for the Amazon reasoning tests, such as the Amazon numerical assessment test, and verbal exam. Furthermore, it offers thorough practice for the Amazon interview. 

Amazon Numerical Reasoning Test

Our pack offers you all the practice resources you need to prepare for this extremely popular aptitude test. It includes topic-based practice drills, study guides, and video tutorials on percentages, ratios, currency conversions, table and graph analysis, and other important topics. These will help you improve your weak spots and master the basic concepts required for succeeding on your Amazon numerical assessment test.

The pack also includes mock tests for both the CEB SHL Verify Numerical Reasoning Test and the Kenexa Numerical Reasoning Test (the type of tests used by Amazon). These practice tests include table/graph questions, all accompanied by answers and detailed explanations.

Verbal Reasoning Test

The pack offers an extensive amount of verbal practice questions written in the true/false/cannot say format. These questions are similar to the questions found on CEB SHL tests (the verbal tests usually used). Our pack also includes video tutorials, which provide valuable solving tips and strategies for solving true/false/cannot say questions and successfully passing verbal reasoning tests. Watching these tutorials and practising the mock tests can increase your speed and improve your overall performance on the actual verbal reasoning test.

Amazon Telephone Interview

To help you prepare for your Amazon phone interview, we have included in the pack a detailed interview guide. This guide offers important insights and tips for successfully passing interviews and has a special section dedicated to phone interviews. It also provides information about competency-based interviews and how to use the STAR method when answering questions. The pack features a brief review of Amazon’s leadership principles as well.

Amazon Excel Test

A further Amazon employment test is the Amazon Excel Test. To succeed you must demonstrate that you are a proficient user of the programme, and you can easily use it for your work's advantage. Try JobTestPrep's PrepPack to ace your Amazon Excel Test. 

Our pack also allows you to rehearse some basic numerical concepts, such as probability and combinatorics, work-rate, etc. These can be useful if you are presented with a maths problem during the interview.

Amazon, CEB, SHL, Kenexa, and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of these trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website. Our materials are designed to help you prepare for the types of assessments you will encounter, but they are not identical to them.

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