Amazon Apprenticeships 2024: Get Accurate Practice That Simulates the Real Online Tests

Is there anything better than getting paid to learn, gaining hands-on experience and eventually getting hired full-time?

Because that’s exactly what Amazon offers to its apprentices.

But landing this golden opportunity is not a walk in the park since Amazon’s apprenticeships are one of the most sought-after programmes in the company. Every year, thousands of candidates battle to get accepted, and therefore, the recruitment process in 2024 has become more challenging than ever.

After reading this page, you’ll know just what to expect from this screening process. Plus, you’ll get accurate practice to help you pass the online tests you must take (more on them later).

Here are the three powerful tools that you’ll get in this preparation pack:

  • Accurate practice tests that simulate the real Amazon apprenticeship online tests, so that nothing will catch you by surprise.

  • Focused drills, study guides and detailed solutions to sharpen the specific skills you must master to ace the tests.

  • Practice sessions with realistic time constraints – on the actual tests, you’ll have tight time limits, so these sessions will help you get used to working efficiently under time pressure.


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Amazon Apprenticeships Test Practice
  • 9 numerical practice tests and drills
  • Study guides to refresh your Maths skills
  • 4 verbal practice tests & drills
  • 13 mechanics & electricity practice tests
  • Safety section practice (exclusive)
  • All practice questions come with detailed solutions

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Why Did Amazon’s Apprenticeships Become So Popular?

Numerous applicants in the UK apply for only a few dozens of open apprenticeship vacancies every year, and there are some excellent reasons for that:

  • The hourly pay ranges from £9.70 - £12.05 (London £10.50 - £14.42 per hour). This means that the lowest hourly pay is at least 11% higher than the National Minimum Wage.

  • You get the guidance and the work experience while getting paid for that. Some programmes even offer a free degree.

  • It has the perfect balance between the classroom and putting your new skills into practice.

  • You get to work very closely with other Amazonians and get to do the same things as they do.

  • You can get full-time job offers from Amazon once you complete the apprenticeship. Amazon invests hundreds of training hours in every apprentice, so it’s in their best interest to keep you in their forces.

  • It improves your social skills and builds your confidence, communication and leadership abilities.

How Does the Application and Assessment Process Look Like?

The following apprenticeships are currently open for applications in the UK:

  • Amazon Mechatronics Apprenticeship

  • Amazon SDE Apprenticeship

  • Amazon Degree Apprenticeship

  • Amazon IT Apprenticeship

  • Amazon Engineering Apprenticeship

  • Amazon RME Apprenticeships

  • Amazon BIT Apprenticeship

Here’s how their application and assessment process look like:

amazon apprenticeship application process

The Software Engineer Apprenticeship’s online test is different and includes a coding challenge, which can be taken in a programming language of your choice.

We currently do not offer practice material for this coding challenge.

Get to Know the Amazon Apprenticeship Test (+ Sample Questions)

As you’ve seen in the illustration above, once you pass the initial CV screening, you’ll face a series of online tests. These tests include Maths and language questions, as well as questions that are tailored to your desired Amazon apprenticeship.

The Maths and English test levels are the same as GCSE level or slightly below. You’ll need, however, to reach a higher level by the end of your apprenticeship.

Here’s a numerical sample question from the Amazon Apprenticeship practice pack, which highly resembles some of the questions you’ll see on the actual test:

Amazon Apprenticeship Maths Sample Question

New laws stated that all UK senior citizens (age 60+) are entitled to 25 guineas each year. In France, the same population type received 55 Sous. If 1 guinea = 2 sous, what was the total special grant in these countries, in guineas?






Have you managed to solve it correctly?

Note that on the real test, you’ll have strict time limits, ranging from 40 seconds to 3 minutes per question. Once you submit your answer, you cannot change it, and you will be immediately taken to the next question.

The following is another sample question that you’ll likely face if you apply for the Mechatronics, Engineering, RME, or BIT apprenticeships.

Can you solve it in 40 seconds or less? Give it a try:

Amazon Apprenticeship Mechanical Sample Question

Three axes are turning each other using straps.

Which axis will turn faster?





View Explanation

In this question, three wheels, each surrounding an axis, are connected by two belts. When two wheels of unequal diameters are combined in a system, the wheel with the larger diameter rotates slower.

The reason is that a larger wheel has a greater circumference and therefore covers a greater distance for every single revolution, whereas a smaller wheel has to turn more than one revolution in order to cover the same distance.

In this question, wheel 2 has a smaller diameter than wheels 1 or 3 and will therefore rotate the fastest. The correct answer is B.

Don’t worry if you didn’t know the answer or if it took you more than 40 seconds to answer it.

On the complete preparation pack found on this page, you’ll get hundreds of practice questions that closely resemble the actual test’s content, alongside detailed solutions for every question. This will ensure you know exactly what to expect and how to solve it quickly and accurately.

Amazon Apprenticeship Interview

Once you complete the online tests (no matter how you scored), you’ll immediately advance to the video questions part, which is also taken on Hirevue’s platform.

In this section, there are usually 12 questions. Some of them will require you to record a video response.

But here’s the crucial thing:

You’ll only be given one attempt to record your response.

Also, each question will have its own time limit, and once you submit an answer, you instantly move on to the next question.

You’ll see interview questions such as:

  • Why did you decide to apply for an apprenticeship instead of going to university or working full-time, for example?

  • Out of all the available schemes, why did you choose this one?

  • What do you know about Amazon (as a company worldwide), Amazon in the UK and the location you applied to?


One of the things that will help you ace this video interview and the assessment centre afterwards is familiarising yourself with Amazon’s Leadership Principles.

The Amazon Leadership Principles – the Thing You Must Master Before Entering Any Interview with Amazon

Amazon’s Leadership Principles are integrated into everything that you do as an Amazonian – you’ll use them in meetings, on calls and on your day job. Often, someone will even refer to them to make a point or to back up their idea.

And as you’ve just learnt, the interview process will be based around them. So, bear them in mind when answering interview questions.
That said, there’s one Leadership Principle that is particularly important for the Amazon apprenticeship programmes:

#10 – Learn and Be Curious:

It doesn’t matter what job you’re in, what level you are – always be open to learning, asking questions, finding out why things are done in a certain way.

You should always be confident to ask questions and try to figure out if things can be done in a different way. If you’re going to join an apprenticeship programme, you must have an appetite for learning new things.

The Amazon Apprenticeship Programme in a Nutshell

The Amazon Apprenticeship is a structured learning programme in which you study to obtain a formal academic degree or qualification while gaining professional experience. Amazon’s apprenticeships are fully funded and are accomplished partly at a training facility and partly on-the-job.

They are divided into several levels; each is equivalent to a certain education level, as you can see below:

NameLevelEquivalent Education Level
Higher4 & 5Foundation degree or above
Degree6 & 7Bachelor’s degree or masters