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Nowadays, when employers place ever increasing emphasis on candidate assessments, numerical reasoning tests are among the most common type of aptitude tests found in job selection tests. The wide variety of positions each employer is searching for necessitates the use of high-end numerical reasoning tests. Here is a short review of these tests' characteristics, after which you can start practicing them with us online.


While the advanced numerical reasoning tests are based on the same fundamental mathematic concepts of standard numerical reasoning tests, advanced numerical reasoning questions introduce new challenges that require increased speed and critical reasoning skills:

  1. Phrasing: Test writers increase the difficulty of questions by using confusing verbal phrasing thereby making it more difficult to identify the key variables necessary for solution.
  2. Increasing the number of calculation steps: A question becomes more difficult when one is required to plan multiple steps beforehand. 
  3. Newly introduced concepts: Advanced questions often require the use of new formulas. These are provided alongside the numerical data.
  4. Complex data representation / overload of numerical data: Information can be displayed on more than one graph or table. At times, most of the information is irrelevant and is only meant to cause confusion. In some cases, important information is mentioned in asterisks.
  5. Finance-related terminology: Incorporating basic financial concepts can set an obstacle to people who are not acquainted with these terms. 

Popular types

Many tests are known to incorporate advanced numerical reasoning questions. Here at JobTestPrep you can find practice resources that cover all the test types mentioned below.

  • Advanced numerical critical reasoning tests as seen in the employee selection process - Banking industries, consultancy, investment banking, and many more. They might not be called advanced by definition, but they are definitely aimed at a higher tier of candidates. 
  • Financial reasoning tests - Assess how candidates analyse, interpret, and use finance-related information. Questions revolve around numerical reasoning concepts placed in finance oriented passages. Read more about financial reasoning tests. Learn more about financial reasoning tests
  • RUST/RANRA - Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal measures an individual’s ability to apply numerical reasoning to everyday problem solving in professional and business settings. The test is composed of two types of questions: Comparisons of Quantities and Sufficiency of Information. Comparisons of quantities questions involve evaluation of quantities and the relations between them. Sufficiency of information questions ask the examinee to determine whether the two sets of numerical information provided are sufficient to allow the question to be answered. Our numerical reasoning practice packs include tests that mock some of the question types found in this test. The Rust test is often taken in conjunction with the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Test.  
  • GMAT - the Graduate Management Aptitude Test contains a quantitative section with problem solving and data sufficiency questions. Data sufficiency questions present a question with two associated statements that provide information that might be useful in answering the question. The examinee must then determine whether either statement alone is sufficient to answer the question, whether both are needed to answer the question or, whether there is not enough information given to answer the question.
  • NMT4 - also know as numerical analysis test, it is found in the selection process of high-end management jobs, and is administered in a few versions both by SHL and by Saville (simply under a different name).We also have practice resources that cover this test! More about how we can help you with the NMT4.
  • IBM and Oliver Wyman's tests - These two employers have proprietary numerical tests, which are considered by many the most difficult numerical aptitude tests. Learn more about IBM IPAT test and Oliver Wyman Numerical test.

Practice Today for Success

JobTestPrep's experienced test writers developed advanced numerical reasoning practice tests that serve as perfect simulators of the real tests you are likely to see in your assessment. In our practice pack you will find the best possible practice learning tools for locating your possible weaknesses and improving them.

  • Extensive and professional practice resources
  • Two modes of practice: Real-time mode and step by step 
  • Full explanations and solving tips for all questions
  • Additional booklets with tips and shortcuts
  • Learn how to better use your calculator
  • Learn how to approach different question types
  • Get normalised score reports.

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