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The Watson Glaser Test

The Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal is designed to assess candidates’ reasoning skills and logical capabilities. This test contains 40 questions to be solved in 30-minutes, covering 5 sections:

  • Inference
  • Recognising assumptions
  • Deduction
  • Interpretation
  • Evaluation of arguments

watson glaser infographic

For a more detailed overview of Watson Glaser content.

Why Is It so Important to Practise with Watson Glaser-Tailored Material?

The Watson Glaser test is one of the most challenging, often frustrating critical thinking tests there are. It is not incidental that this exam is most widely used by law firms, seeking the toughest, sharpest people around.

It is, undoubtedly, one of the hardest pre-employment exams you’ll ever take.

This is why, in order to succeed, you shouldn’t practise FOR the Watson Glaser test, you should practise WITH the Watson Glaser test.


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Check out a Watson Glaser-tailored practice question

Facts: Following a reduction in the number of applicants, the college has been asking students to evaluate faculty teaching performance for the last two years. The college's management announced that the purpose of these evaluations is to provide information to faculty about teachers' strengths and weaknesses and to help higher management make decisions about pay raises and promotions to reward the better teachers. Last week, Professor Burke, a recently retired senior lecturer at the college, wrote a letter in which he objected to these evaluations, claiming they compromised academic standards.

Statement: The college management does not care about academic excellence at all.

A) True     
B) Probably True     
C) Insufficient Data     
D) Probably False     
E) False


Answer and Explanation

This is a very definitive assertion that cannot be derived from the text. Even if the purpose of the evaluation is student satisfaction rather than trying to promote academic standards, it is very unlikely that the management does not care about the academic level at all.
Remember, you can use common sense and world knowledge when deciding between 'Probably' and 'Insufficient Data'.

The correct answer is therefore D (Probably False)

The Top 4 Reasons to Practise with Watson Glaser-Tailored Material


The Watson Glaser Is Highly Versatile

Unlike most pre-employment tests that aim to measure your general abilities, the Watson Glaser test aims to assess one, single trait – your critical thinking.

To do so, this test uses 5 different sections, each with its own question formatting, rules and scoring method. You will be forced to bend your mind in 5 different directions and see if you can handle the challenges each section poses.

How Watson Glaser-tailored practice material helps you overcome this:

  • Provides practice questions covering ALL 5 sections of the Watson Glaser test.
  • The number of questions and time limit are identical to those on real exam.

The Watson Glaser Test Has Unconventional Questions

This isn’t your everyday critical thinking test. Pearson TalentLens, the test developer and provider, really has done extraordinary work in creating an unconventional, one-of-a-kind assessment tool.

Some of the questions on the Watson Glaser test, like recognising assumptions and evaluating arguments, were written specifically and exclusively for the Watson Glaser, and you probably won’t see them in any other test.

How Watson Glaser-tailored practice material helps you overcome this:

  • All the practice questions are formatted EXACTLY like the real Watson Glaser questions.
  • Common Watson Glaser tricks and pitfalls are implemented into practice questions, to get you familiar with the many ways the test tries to sway you.

The Watson Glaser Plays by Its Own Rules

When taking the Watson Glaser test, you must forget anything you know about critical reasoning tests, because this one has its own set of rules. If you try and play by another handbook, you will fail.

Two examples of this are:

  1. Generalisation equals existence (All A are B = the existence of A and B).
  2. The introduction of “Probably True” and “Probably False” answer choices.

How Watson Glaser-tailored practice material helps you overcome this:

  • Practice tests follow the same rules as the actual Watson Glaser.
  • Hundreds of Watson Glaser-tailored practice questions cement the test’s unique rules in your mind.
  • Detailed explanations for each question will constantly remind you to ignore your opinions and intuition – two big no-no’s on the Watson Glaser test!
Check out this question for instance

Should a company grant its employees some free time to spend in any manner of their choosing?

No—employees are likely to use the free time to clean their homes, run errands, and meet with friends, and thus bring no benefit to the company whatsoever.

A) Strong argument

B) Weak argument


Answer and Explanation

The above question can be summarized as "should a company do X?" The importance of the answer can also be summarized as "no, since it would bring the company no benefit whatsoever". Since all companies seek to benefit, an argument of "no benefit" is strong and relevant. Note that the first part of the argument includes trivial aspects (what people will do with their free time). If the argument had stopped there, it would have been a weak argument, but since it expands the topic and stretches out the implication ("no benefit"), it becomes strong.

The answer is, therefore A - Strong argument.

The Watson Glaser Has Different Rules for Each Section

Most critical reasoning tests have a single set of rules underlying the exam. This is not the case with the Watson Glaser test.

Each section has its own set of rules, and one of the many pitfalls that unprepared test-takers encounter is their tendency to apply the rules of previous sections to the current one.

For instance:

  • In section 3 (deduction) “Conclusion Follows” = conclusion necessarily follows.
  • In section 4 (interpretation) “Conclusion Follows” = conclusion follows beyond reasonable doubt.

This is but one of many such subtle differences built into the Watson Glaser exam, which are all intended to challenge and confuse you.

How Watson Glaser-tailored practice material helps you overcome this:

  • Practice tests are divided into 5 separate sections, just like the actual Watson Glaser test.
  • The rules of each practice section are designed in accordance with the original Watson Glaser rules.
  • There is separate scoring for each section, so you know your weak spots.

What Customers Think



The test itself seems very objective and I am no fan of the Watson Glaser. However, this Test Prep was very beneficial in that it prepared me for the style of questions I would be asked. I would not recommend taking this test without some previous practice as the wording of certain questions can be quite confusing. I would recommend this course to a friend and anyone preparing for the Watson Glaser.


Jacob, applied to an analyst position at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement


Great practice test. All price to pay for the job you want

The practice tests and guidance notes really help prepare you for the real thing. It helps to train you to think the way the tests wants you to. I'm so glad I bought the test prep package.


Fiona, did not disclose prospective employer’s name


It works!!

Job Test Prep did help significantly in understanding the way you are supposed to think for your tests. The guides are very understandable and explain the same points in many different ways. In addition, the timed exams are very helpful as they help you see where you have improved and even provides an explanation on what the answer is and why.


Lashay, applied to a vacation scheme at Anthony Collins Solicitors

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