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Watson Glaser Test Expert

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The Watson Glaser Test

The Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (WGCTA) is an industry standard for assessing candidates’ reasoning skills and logical capabilities.

This unconventional, highly difficult test lasts 30 minutes and contains 40 questions. 5 different sections are scored to find the top players in terms of comprehending, interpreting and analyzing texts:

  • Inference
  • Recognising assumptions
  • Deduction
  • Interpretation
  • Evaluation of arguments

Watch the following video for a detailed overview of the Watson Glaser test:


Visit the Watson Glaser Sample Questions page and get an in-depth look at the test content

What Score Do You Need to Pass the Watson Glaser Test?

The score you need to pass the Watson Glaser depends on two things:

  • The position you apply to
  • The scores of other candidates applying to the same position

Pearson TalentLens, the developer and provider of the Watson Glaser Test, has set specific norms for a variety of positions (legal professionals, accountants, managers, etc.). Your test score will be presented to your employer as your position compared to the scores of the relevant group.

Your employer will then compare the relative scores of all candidates. Those with the highest relative scores will pass the test and move on to the next stage.

Can YOU answer this Watson Glaser practice question?

Facts: Following a reduction in the number of applicants, the college has been asking students to evaluate faculty teaching performance for the last two years. The college's management announced that the purpose of these evaluations is to provide information to faculty about teachers' strengths and weaknesses and to help higher management make decisions about pay raises and promotions to reward the better teachers. Last week, Professor Burke, a recently retired senior lecturer at the college, wrote a letter in which he objected to these evaluations, claiming they compromised academic standards.

Statement: The college management does not care about academic excellence at all.

A) True     
B) Probably True     
C) Insufficient Data     
D) Probably False     
E) False


Answer and Explanation

This is a very definitive assertion that cannot be derived from the text. Even if the purpose of the evaluation is student satisfaction rather than trying to promote academic standards, it is very unlikely that the management does not care about the academic level at all.
Remember, you can use common sense and world knowledge when deciding between 'Probably' and 'Insufficient Data'.

The correct answer is therefore D (Probably False).

Should You Even Prepare for the Watson Glaser Test?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes.

Firstly, because the Watson Glaser is a mighty difficult test. That’s probably why it is so widely used by law firms, seeking for the toughest, sharpest people they can find.

The second reason is, well, that EVERYONE’s preparing.

Let’s be honest. You’re here, aren’t you? How many other candidates to YOUR position do you think are reading this page as well?

Everyone’s preparing, that much is certain. But not everyone is preparing as a top player would.

Watson Glaser Test Example sentence

How Do Most People Prepare for the Watson Glaser Test?

What most people would do when they get a test announcement for the Watson Glaser is practicing general critical thinking tests.


  • It’s cheaper. Sometimes it’s even free. And why do I need to pay more for the same, right?
  • That is often what you find on the top of the Google search results. And Google knows best, right?
  • Because it’s better to actually learn critical thinking than to ‘learn how to pass a test’, right?

Wrong. Or as the Watson Glaser would put it – FALSE.


Practicing with generic material for critical thinking tests will basically keep you swimming in the same shallow water as most fish.

Moreover, it will not prepare you to the real thing.

Let’s say you were to show up in court in seven days to defend James. Will you study John’s case because it ‘deals with the same principles’?

Preparing for something, REALLY preparing for something, includes doing what most people wouldn’t do, and getting as close as you can to the actual challenge ahead.

This question has baffled many of our customers. Can you crack it?

I have a nine-month-old baby at home, and she usually agrees to be put to bed, where she falls asleep quite promptly. But every time her grandparents visit in the evening, she cries when I put her to bed and she continues to cry for an hour.

My baby reacts to some changes in routine by refusing to go to sleep quietly.

  1. Conclusion follows
  2. Conclusion does not follow
  3. Cannot determine based on information


Answer and Explanation

This is a generalization which the passage does not imply. It may be the case, but there could also be many other reasons why the baby will not fall asleep easily. For example, whenever the grandparents visit, the house is noisier, so the baby cannot sleep. It is not possible to conclude beyond a reasonable doubt what the reason for the baby’s problem is. 

The correct answer is, therefore, B - Conclusion does not follow.

How Does Practicing Watson Glaser-Tailored Material Put You on Top of the Crowd?

Preparing for the Watson Glaser with tailor-made practice material will highly increase your chances of beating most candidates for the job and passing the test. Here’s how:

  • You will be taking the extra mile that very few candidates choose to take.
  • You will get familiar with the unique rules of the Watson Glaser, which are similar to no other critical thinking test.
  • You will be better prepared for the real thing, with full-length simulations of the real Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal.
Watson Glaser Test race

Over the last 2 years, 250 candidates to Linklaters, 150 candidates to Clifford Chance, 50 candidates to the GLS, and hundreds of others have taken their Watson Glaser preparation to top level.

Care to join?

What Customers Think



The test itself seems very objective and I am no fan of the Watson Glaser. However, this Test Prep was very beneficial in that it prepared me for the style of questions I would be asked. I would not recommend taking this test without some previous practice as the wording of certain questions can be quite confusing. I would recommend this course to a friend and anyone preparing for the Watson Glaser.


Jacob, applied to an analyst position at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement


Great practice test. All price to pay for the job you want

The practice tests and guidance notes really help prepare you for the real thing. It helps to train you to think the way the tests wants you to. I'm so glad I bought the test prep package.


Fiona, did not disclose prospective employer’s name


It works!!

Job Test Prep did help significantly in understanding the way you are supposed to think for your tests. The guides are very understandable and explain the same points in many different ways. In addition, the timed exams are very helpful as they help you see where you have improved and even provides an explanation on what the answer is and why.


Lashay, applied to a vacation scheme at Anthony Collins Solicitors

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