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Since 1992, JobTestPrep provides accurate practice material that has helped over a million candidates. Our brand new test system includes thorough explanations for every question, detailed score reports and timed practice tests, just like the real thing.

Our test experts have created the UCAT PrepPack first in 2015, that have helped thousands of medical school applicants since then. Every year we use customer feedback to refine our UCAT Prep, and help you gain the competitive score you need. We are confident that we can help you prepare for the UCAT exam and happily back it with a Money Back Guarantee.

We believe that in order to ace this challenging test you don't need to spend a fortune or study for a whole year. That's why our test experts created a powerful 3-step formula to help you boost your UCAT score (keep reading for more info on that).


With our full PrepPack you'll get everything you need (and only what you need) to ace this challenging test.

Study at your own pace and ace the UCAT, with accurate practice:


Medify: 159

The Medical Portal: 225€

JobTestPrep: 69€

What If I Need Help With One Subtest?

If you already started your UCAT prep, and you know which subtests are the ones that are holding you back, our dedicated PrepPacks would be a perfect fit. You don't need to spend money on a prep you're not going to use.

That's why we created four tailor-made PrepPacks, for every cognitive subtest, so you could drill down and improve your UCAT skills. 

Try one of our PrepPacks:


UCAT Full Preparation 


After helping thousands of applicants, our test experts refined our studying methods with a proven 3-step formula:



As I said, if you want to ace the UCAT exam, you need to study smart. That means knowing your strengths and weaknesses first, and allocate your time appropriately.

Our UCAT prep starts with a short diagnostic test, that is designed to discover the subtests struggled with, to ensure you know what to focus on your practice. After the diagnostic test, you'll get a detailed score report indicating your incorrect test answers. That way, you'll quickly learn where to zero in to make improvements without wasting time.



Our Preparation has thorough study guides for every UCAT subtest, with proven strategies, methods and tips to help you tackle each subtest. After every guide you'll find multiple practice questions at different levels of difficulty, to help you not only know the test structure better but improve your skills. 



After practising each subtest and leaning the UCAT strategies, take our full simulation tests. Our PrepPack includes full-length UCAT Practice exams, with the same time limit as the actual exam. that way, you can see your improvement and make the last refinements to insure you boost your UCAT score to the maximum. 


Boost your UCAT score with our dedicated PrepPack!



Toby F.
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"I would like to say a big thank you as I couldn't have achieved this score without the help of your online practice questions or the course I went on!"
Mark C.
Verified Reviewer
"I found the practice packs very useful and the fact that you have the new style questions is excellent."
Ali L.
Verified Reviewer
"I'd like to thank you again for your help with the course as well as the additional resources you've given me.



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About The UCAT

The UCAT exam (University Clinical Aptitude Test, previously known as the UKCAT), is an admission test used by 30 universities across the UK, for their medical and dental degree programmes. It’s a two-hour, computer-based assessment, that consists of five sections: Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgment test.


If you want to learn more about the UCAT exam, its subtests and questions format, check out our full UCAT guide.



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