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What's Included

  • True/false/cannot say
  • Verbal application - analogies, sentence completion, synonym, antonym, odd one out 
  • Verbal comprehension
  • Reading comprehension
  • Comprehensive video and PDF study guides
  • Track your progress with smart score reports
  • Secured payment
  • Immediate online access, practice 24/7
  • Audiences: Support, technical, administrative staff
  • All the popular formats employers use, up to date!


The above verbal reasoning practice package is designed for the following target groups, as they are all usually required to take quite similar tests:

  • Sales and customer service
  • Business support
  • Technical roles
  • Administrative and clerical
  • Cabin crew

The tests included in the pack cover more test formats than you will be required to take on a single assessment. However, we strive to give you a bird's eye view on assessments for these levels, so that you can use it for more than one application and/or employer. In addition, this pack includes comprehensive video and PDF tutorials.

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