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The ability to manage a team or workflow is a key part of a manager's job. Therefore the psychometric test packages for managers will often contain tests designed to assess a manager's ability to manage. Management personality tests are often used alongside a set of manager aptitude tests.

Two key tests used to assess management styles and skills are:

Management Personality Tests

Personality tests are usually used by companies to assess the personality of the candidate against the company's values or aims. The questions you will face assess the match between your personality and the job profile, as well as what motivates you in your work life. For managers, personality tests will also look at a range of skills from leadership, problem solving and management styles to professionalism, drive for results and building relationships. The clues as to what to prepare for a personality test will be in your job description.

Prepare for management personality tests with the person specification and company values in mind. Taking practice personality tests will help you improve your responses in line with both your personality and the persona required for the job you are applying to.

You can find out more, and start studying, with the Personality Test Sample questions.

What skills are tested in a management personality test?

Personality tests generally test you against a range of personality areas. CEB's SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) measures you against 32 personality areas. Saville Consulting's Wave Professional Styles looks at 36 dimensions, grouped in 12 sections or 4 clusters. Both companies will use your responses against some of these personality areas to pull into a leadership report.

Saville Consulting create their leadership reports based around three areas pulled out of the dimensions in the Wave Professional Styles questionnaire. These three areas are:

  • Professional - You are scored against dimensions such as intellectual, administrator, crisis handler or coordinator.
  • People - Includes dimensions of supporter, resolver, networker, and facilitator.
  • Pioneering - Dimensions measured include inspirer, persuader, enthusiast, visionary and more.

Management Situational Judgement Tests

The ability to judge the right response in a given situation is another skill needed in a manager. Many companies may ask applicants to sit a situational judgement test. These tests are usually tailored to the company and based on scenarios similar to those you can expect to experience in the job you are applying to. For managers this may include management scenarios.

CEB's SHL offer a managerial judgement test, a management situational judgement test, looking at how you react in management situations. You are placed in a situation which could have several outcomes, and asked to pick the most suitable outcome. Your response is rated against an overall range of management judgement including managing objectives, people management and reputation management.

Learn more about the situational judgement tests available, and how to prepare effectively for your test with our situational judgement pages.

Personality and Situational Judgement Tests by Testing Company

Testing company Test
Saville Wave Professional Styles
Situational Judgment Tests
IBM Kenexa Behavioural Assessments at 3 levels:
  • Professional and Managerial Roles
  • Executive Roles
  • Managerial and Leadership Roles
Cubiks CIPQ (Cubiks In-depth Personality Questionnaire)
Situational Judgement Tests
CEB's SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)
Motivation Questionnaire
Situational Judgement Tests
Management Scenarios

Preparing for Management Personality Tests

Management psychometric or personality tests are designed to get a feel for your management style. They are often applied alongside a suite of management aptitude tests. Whilst every test is personalised to the company and even the role you are applying to you can pick up tips for taking these tests through preparation before hand.

Preparation includes reading up on the person requirements of the job you are applying to, and the company's vision and values. Once you have them, try taking practice personality tests with your work hat on, answering each question as though you are in your new job.


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