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Kennedys Law LLP Application Process

There are a few different application procedures depending on the position applying to. The most sought after positions at Kennedys Law is the Kennedys Training Contract, which is similar to a legal apprenticeship, and the Kennedys Solicitors which is a law position in London. Preparing for Kennedys Law LLP's recruitment processes will involve learning how to behave during the Kennedys assessment day and interview. The separate test preparation packs on this page are designed to offer you an in-depth understanding of the tests you may come to take as part of the Kennedys Law LLP application process. Sign up with JobTestPrep and gain a competitive advantage to land your dream job at Kenndys Law!

Kennedys Law LLP Watson Glaser Tests

The Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (WGCTA) is a verbal-style test. It is administered by employers as either an online test (usually unsupervised at home), or as a paper-based test in an assessment centre. The Watson Glaser test is split into five sections, and it consists of 40 questions that must be completed in 30 minutes. The test is given to graduates, managers, and senior managers across a range of professions, including lawyers, accountants, and the finance sector. Your results are assessed against a norm group relevant to the position you are applying for, or against a company-specific norm group. This is the most popular assessment law test offered by legal firms, therefore it is recommended to study this thoroughly as it will guarantee a good test score in the assessment, as well as help with any other law firm recruitment assessment.


Prepare for the Kennedys Law Tests

If you want to be employed, you need to pass your pre-employment Kennedys Law LLP interviews and Kennedys Law LLP Watson Glaser test with good results. By going through several runs with our materials can you ensure you have the best chance of getting a job offer!


Kennedys Law LLP Interview Process

If Kennedys Law LLP recruitment staff take an interest in you, and your skills and experience meet their requirements you will be invited for an interview. Interviews are held in the Kenndy Law LLP offices and are conducted by a senior member of staff, line manager or HR representative. This interview is regular in the sense that the interviewer will be seeking to gain a better understanding of your relevant work experience as well as technical skills. Depending on the position applied for each interview will vary. Also, a telephone interview or a testing stage might me required, but all applicants will be told in advance. This is why JobTestPrep's Interview PrepPackTM is just right for you! Learn how to answer all the difficult interview questions and take a step closer to landing your dream job.

Kennedys Law LLP Assessment Day

The Kenndys Law interview could be also considered as the Kennedys Law LLP assessment centre. This depends on what the Kenndys recruitment staff see in you and how they would like to proceed with your application. As can be seen on the Assessment Day PrepPackTM you could possibly be asked to participate in some or all of the following activities such as role-play, case study, interview, aptitude test. You will receive a brief beforehand providing you with the specific activities you will be expected to complete. The purpose of the assessment centre is to evaluate how you work both as part of a team as well as individually. Being prepared for all the scenarios is key to a great success, go prepared!

Kennedys Law LLP Questions Asked Frequently

How Are Kennedys Law LLP Watson Glaser Tests Scored?

Kennedys Law LLP Watson Glaser aptitude tests are usually comprised of multiple-choice questions. The possible marks for each question are correct, incorrect, and unanswered. When you submit an Kennedys Law LLP aptitude test, your answers are first measured against the correct answers. Then, your correct answers are counted, and the rate of correct answers is calculated.

How to use the STAR Method for the Kennedys Interview?

The acronym “STAR” stands for four concepts: Situation, Task, Action, Results. Each of these four concepts signifies a step applicants can take when responding to the Kennedys interviewers’ behavioral and situational questions. Following these steps will enable job candidates to answer these questions fully and clearly.

  • Situation – Describe a problematic situation which you encountered in your previous workplace and which you had to set right.
  • Task – Describe what responsibilities you had in this situation or what tasks you set for yourself to get out of the difficult situation.
  • Action – Describe what actions you took to resolve the situation and what actions you also contemplated to take but did not, because they seemed to you ineffective. It is important to emphasize here what you did and why you discarded less helpful alternatives.
  • Result – And finally, elaborate on the outcome of your actions.

Should I Come Prepared for Kennedys Law LLP Tests?

JobTestPrep is dedicated to offering high-quality services to prepare you for your upcoming online aptitude tests and interviews. Start practicing now with our numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning tests and improve your chances of being selected to work at Kennedys Law LLP.


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