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If you have to take the HMRC numerical reasoning test you have to be prepared. This is why we have created this PrepPack™ in order to assist your preparation and succeed in your application. In this pack you will find eight numerical drills, covering topics such as averages, currency exchange, estimations, unit conversions, and ratios. These are designed to help you refresh your memory and get you up to speed for the more complex questions that you will face in the real Kenexa tests. 

There is also a section of 25 tests that simulate Kenexa tests. They will assess your ability to identify trends over a wide range of data sets. These can come in the form of tables, graphs, and other statistical measures. You are allowed to use a calculator for these tests and should do so in order to maximise the time you have. 

As well as the tests, there are four study guides and 11 video tutorials to give you a deeper understanding of the subjects and should be utilised to improve your skills. Even if you think you know how to answer the questions, it is still worthwhile going through the videos and study guides as they often provide tips and tricks that you hadn't thought of. This is in order for you to be able to answer the questions in the most timely manner. 

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What's Included

    • 25 HMRC (Kenexa) style numerical tests - graph/table interpretation
    • 7 additional practice drills in specific topics
    • 600+ questions and answers in total!
    • Full explanations | solving tips | smart score reports
    • Video Tutorials and Study Guides - numerical reasoning explained!
    • Beginners and advanced
    • Data analysis, currency exchanges, financial concepts 
    • Secured payment
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